Sound and Clouds and Thunder (10)

[Battle on. – Ugo Gagliardo singing “Sprezza il furor del vento” from Francesco Maria Veracini’s take on  “Adriano in Siria”. – Clip with thanks to thebarroque]

It has not even been a week, and I would try to sum it up, but here, it has already been done:

Weekly reminder: This is not normal.

This is not going to stop here, either.

Journalists are already faced with charges for having covered protests, and the existing law that people are able to call upon is already ignored (and for some people, it has been ignored for far longer), and is already subject to rewriting.

So gird yourself with some veracious Veracini today (and I have to thank Agathe for stumbling aupon that aria because she has pointed me towards the Veracini “Adriano”) and stand up for your rights, and the rights of your fellow human beings. We’ve got the groovy string figures to mosh along, and we’ve got all the theorbos.

And for some further happy vibes today:

Discussing the finer points of bel canto singing. #bsosemiramide #mezzopower @joycedidonato @brownleetenor

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9 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (10)”

  1. All the theorbos!

    Although May is here to kiss the ring, at least Peña found it in him to salute the White House with one lone finger. And I’m looking forward to Sigmar Gabriel’s new gig, after his snarky response to the Hair’s tariff threats against BMW.

    Meanwhile, congratulations on the swearing-in of someone evidently not insane.

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    1. 😀 😀 Sigmar Gabriel certainly has flaws, but he has really good hair. Whereas VDB still has better hair than *others*, though his best quality is his staunch cosmopolitan stance even as the actual government is, once more, on the brink of breaking apart over party interests.



  2. i’m just happy i’m not in jail in a state across the country from home and that is all i’m gonna say about that, somebody pass the whiskey. and a soprano in red…


          1. well i’m laughing at myself because i actually did press the Fleming button on the BBC Radio 3 player and am finishing Act 1 of DR and wondering if anything can be as beautiful as her singing this monologue/duet and can I just lay down now? (no, supposedly I’m working).


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