Lucio Cornelio Silla (3)

…and I thought on Wednesday night that my week couldn’t get any gayer. Well.

That was before Sonia Prina swaggered onto the stage in cleavage, faux hawk and war paint and declared the Coloratura Games  open.

Genaux is winning gold so far, Invernizzi rings all the bells, and there is a tall, dark and handsome Junior White Shirt (Belli) with trumpet fanfares.

3 thoughts on “Lucio Cornelio Silla (3)”

  1. :-O You didn’t mention this yesterday, did you? Forgot about this in the meantime, wow, must be an amazing evening. So looking forward to your review. Any chance you can get a curtain call picture? (Zoom on Prina, please, not the tall, dark, handsome…)


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