White Shirt Monday: Preppy College AU

Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-24 um 11.23.37.png

[Haruna Yamazaki (Octavian) in Strauss’ “Der Rosenkavalier”, staged by Markus Dietze. Theater Koblenz 2017. – Photo Credit: Matthias Baus/Theater Koblenz]

Octavian then moved onto Oxford University, briefly dated someone named Maurice, joined the Rowing Club, befriended a classmate called Orlando and later turned into a 21st century professor for Gender Studies. The End.

(also in ‘Theater Koblenz being pertinent to White Shirt Interests’: look at Theater Koblenz doing a Balletrevue for “Lulu”, choreographed by Steffen Fuchs: hello, Countess Geschwitz (Lisa Gottwik) and Lulu (Kaho Kishinami). Hello. Hello, Lulu. HELLO Martha and by hello I mean, please pass me the Smelling Salts. Sorry, but I’ve got to post this here, too:

Lulu - Ballet Revue - Koblenz -  Lisa Gottwick - Steffen Fuchs - .png

[*incoherent flailing* —- Lisa Gottwik (Martha Geschwitz) in Steffen Fuchs’ “Lulu” revue, Koblenz 2017. – Photo Credit: Matthias Baus/Theater Koblenz. Thank you, Mr. Baus. Also, German Stadttheater system, you are a marvel and I ❤ you.]

17 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Preppy College AU”

        1. I swear I have an Alcina photo that begs to be posted as a comment, but I’ll keep it for another WSM (you’ll know it when you see it)


        1. Well, with regard to liveblog adventures past and future, I’d look at a certain middle eastern world wonder and would not mind ruining every jersey I own over that or its owner, or go in shirtsleeves to begin with. 🙂



      1. Speaking of morphological roots – I was thinking cricket, that sweater and Oxbridge and all; the bowler hat turns out to be named after hatters named Bowler, and how nicely one would set off those features. Google images finds bowlers in silver lame, suitable for a rose-bearer.


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