Sound and Clouds and Thunder (11)

[Current mood: Contraltos setting things on fire. Also: arms. – Sonia Prina singing “Agitata infido flatu” from Vivaldi’s “Juditha triumphans”, Moscow 2014. – Clip with thanks to nexie aden]

It’s barely been two weeks. It is unbearable. And it is – weekly reminder – not normal.

It is also not okay to be a fasicst, and it is not okay to accept a fascist regime in hopes of making it out unscathed while others fall to the wayside (it’s okay to be scared. I’m plenty scared. It’s okay to fail, at times. But then we’ve got to pick ourselves back up and get back to it because democracy won’t defend itself).

Here, have two more contraltos to fuel you along: Stutzmann and Mingardo.

This week, I’ve had a student sitting in my office who is married to a U.S. citizen and who now cannot travel back stateside to be with their spouse because they have two passports, one of which they cannot give back.

Which is horrible, yet covers up so perfectly the more sinister and dangerous machinations happening in the B plot of “The Unhinged Bully and his Nazi Puppeteer” (really not up for an Emmy nod, the decor and the plots are so tacky): removing dissenting personnel with a spine, moving into place lackeys, inner circles and entities not controllable by the law. Yesterday, I saw a Tweet that read “Well, now we can find out what we would have done in our grandparents’ place.”


(this is going to be my hastag for the next four years, or for however long it will take)

In happy things this week, go ahead and read this interview with Kate Lindsey (ignore the header and some of the trouser-role related questions). I do at times struggle to connect to her performances and hear her speak in a very reflected manner on her approaches and her career path has given me a new appreciation for her work. I particularly link to the interview because she speaks about singing Dorabella (and why she was reluctant about singing it), and about last summer’s Aix production and its development and her experience with it.

And if all else fails this week: smile at people, hold the bus door for someone, stand strong and in moments of hoplessness, check DiDonato’s Instagram account for some joy and backbone or the Twitter one of Sarah Connolly for upstanding mezzo citizen vibes, and then battle on.

3 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (11)”

  1. Thanks for this, it really does help. I myself will be detouring from regular schedule for vigil this evening at the local Jewish Community Center, which just had its second bomb threat in as many weeks. I sometimes wish dirt-level fascists were more creative.


    1. as long as they’re dumb, they’re predictable. Which doesn’t change the horror of bomb threats. At a community center! And right around Holocaust Rememberance Day!
      (not normal, never normal, never okay!)

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