Radio Alert: Gauvin, Lemieux, Basso

Rodelinda TCE.png

Radio France Musique is making my Monday right now, with their stream-on-demand of Handel’s “Rodelinda”from Théâtre des Champs-Elysées (recorded Jan 23rd, 2017).

The concert performance features Il Pomo d’Oro, who I was lucky enough to catch on tour with DiDonato’s “In War and Peace” this past November, and the singer line-up is very WS-interests-adjacent:
There’s Karina Gauvin in the title role (mood for the week: Gauvin vocally sneering at political ursupators in contempt. #LifeGoalsTill2020), Marie-Nicole-Lemieux as her husband Bertarido (contralto-casting whenever possible!), and, as if this wasn’t plenty already, there is Romina Basso as Eduige (#SiiighRominaBasso). Oh, and Juan Sancho, who left an impression in the Pergolesi “Adriano” in the recent TADW concert, as Grimoaldo.

3 thoughts on “Radio Alert: Gauvin, Lemieux, Basso”

  1. ….and don’t fast forward the intermission interview with Gauvin and Lemieux – as if we need any more reason to contemplate relocating to Canada at the moment…

    also, click the little “100 seconds interview with Gauvin” underneath.
    (she reminds me so much of my favorite literature professor back in college in that one!)


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