White Shirt Monday: Che gelida manina

Goya Figaro.png

Solen Mainguené (Contessa), Irina Marinas (susanna) and Haruna Yamazaki (Cherubino) in Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro” as staged by Goya (seriously, the costumes and the LIGHTS!) Alfonso Romero Mora, Theater Koblenz 2016. – Photo Credit: Matthias Baus/Theater Koblenz]

Theater Koblenz doing a Goya “Nozze di Figaro”. In the Spanish ’60s. And did I mention the Goya references.
I may have ro get down to Koblenz in light of recents events and their photographic evidence!

17 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Che gelida manina

    1. I was under the impression that it is deliberate – you don’t end up accidentally with those dresses and the hair!



  1. Those production photos are so beautiful. I love it. And the Goya reference seems definitely intentional – you can see a replication of his painting “La maja vestida” used as a backdrop in one of the shots on the Facebook page (you put me on a Goya web-spiral). What a great way to find inspiration for a production aesthetic.


    1. As someone who has “La cosecha” on the wall, I agree wholeheartedly.

      Also, that Countess get up, I mean COME ON! Including the hair and even the make-up!



        1. Yes!!! let us find some conferences. There must be conferences in Madrid?!
          (and, okay, Prado, but also the Thyssen, which is the cooler museum)

          (alas, I don’t think I’ll get a chance to take a few days off with the semester running, but one can always dream…)


          1. Attending some very obscure conference was a plan I have seriously considered…. Actually, it is a shame, but I have never been there, just had to listen to enthusiastic descriptions of a person close to me with the luckier conference schedule, grrr. The Thyssen gets on my list! Reg. Rodelinda we can at least hope for the streaming.


            1. at least audio, yes. If there is a video (via the palcodigital) – well, things from there have shown up in other places before.

              Madrid is definitely worth a visit! Let me know if you’d like some pointers down the road (that was my last research stay, while I was 6 months pregnant… so no bar-hopping tips, but museums, definitely!).
              (Thyseen also has the better museum shop with things to bring home for kids. – Whize the Prado has this nifty feature where you can print out fav paintings to take home, but they have only the most famous onespre-selected (aka not the ones I was interested in) – also, for the museums: buy the 3-museums-pass for Thyssen, Prado and Reina Sofia, and buy it online beforehand, you can skip HOURS of lining up)


  2. On a White-Shirt (kind of) related note, the finalists for the International Opera Awards 2017 in the “Female Singer” category make me disproportiontely happy in one very specific instance (and in case you were wondering, it is not Anna N.):

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