on the issue of White Shirt Archives


[The Original White Shirt Graphic as done by Purity, way back when.]

Apparently, today is #WorldOperaDay?

(wait, you meant that’s not every day? – It is in the universe that I am inhabiting. Living in bubbles is very dernier cri at the moment, I hear)

Either way – and some of you have already stumbled upon it -, this make it a good day to point out that, for anyone interested, I’ve revamped the “White Shirts” menu link above, as per suggestion of thadieu and others.

It doesn’t lead directly to the “White Shirts” tag any longer (though that’s tied in there right at the top, so the mezzos and contraltos (and occasional soprano) in pants remain at the flick of your fingertip), but to a page that is more of a hub of sorts, with a bit more background on “What actually is a White Shirt?!”, some links, and including a few classic materials (such as The Bus, The Logo Button and Eyes’ A Day In The Life Of A White Shirt)

15 thoughts on “on the issue of White Shirt Archives”

    1. no, it’s supposed to be purity’s WS poster? – in the app and on the page, I see that one. Strange. Anyone else with that problem?


  1. good job putting the up the resource.

    dernier cri! Haven’t heard that expression in ages. You guys need to send me that thing for the balloon you were going to.

    happy world opera day to all WS (and other opera lovers) 🙂

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    1. yep, this Saturday is also supposed to yield The Ballon Backside Image (I still hope thadieu can make it rotate). That’s what got this whole thing started… I’m cracking up everytime I get to reference The Bus. With the snowmobil chains!


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