WhiteShirtiversary: Liveblog Celebration on Saturday

[Oh, look, Anik has found another excuse to post a screencap from this production, or: Once More, With Feeling! – Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare) in Mozart’s “Mitridate”, Paris 2016]

It has to be acknowledged that 2016 was a lousy year in many aspects. It was, however, also the year that, in February, brought us Mozart’s “Mitridate” from Théâtre des Champs-Elysées – a production that a few of us might have talked about now and then over the past year. *cough* *epiccough*

thadieu suggested there be a celebration of “1 Year of the Paris Mitridate in Our Lives”, and I said “let me get my dress whites”, and then I suggested to make it not just a Mitriversary*, but a WhiteShirtiversary in general: favorite screencaps, stories & scenes, from “Mitridate” and beyond, and a time to share them: Saturday, Feb. 11th, 9 p.m. (UTC+1).

So it is not really going to be a liveblog (Agathe is out of town, anyway) – that’ll resume next week (and don’t forget that the week after, on the 26th, we have an early date for “Semiramide” from Munich with DiDonato and Barcellona!) -, but it’s still a chance to hang out with the opera queers.

Star Trek opera casting, your three favorite Cherubinos, which Kasarova shirt is actually the best (bring screencap prove!), and the one obscure opera you always wanted to make a White Shirt case for and never had the chance?! Bring it on.

Due to the perhaps more personal conversation, I am contemplating to make the thread invite-only (i.e. that you could only access it with a password) – just let me know your preferences in the comments.

*[PS. trying to type “Mitriversary”, accidentally typing “Myrtiversary”: #GreekSopranoSyndrome, case closed]

PPS. In preparation: Images should be able to the be shared in the comments with relative ease, by uploading the image in question elsewhere (with a service like Photobucket, or your WordPress media librabry, if you have an account.) and copy-pasting just the link, or using the basic html image embed tags (start with < and src and = and , then throw in whatever your link is and add the closing tag of and then >) – Just look at our “Agrippina” liveblog from last Saturday to see how that added to the appreciation discussion. Sorry I cannot type the tags out in direct succession, but wordpress auto-coverts, that’s how well the embedding works here.

60 thoughts on “WhiteShirtiversary: Liveblog Celebration on Saturday”

    1. How very Double Indemnity of you!

      Works for me – I get a blank line inside the app, but see the embed when I look at the site.



        1. true, the gifs tend to come out like empty lines.
          Agathe just dropped the link, not tagged, and it auto-embedded – do you tend to use tags?


          1. no, i don’t know what tag is. normally for an image i just paste the http address directly here, and wp automatically embeds it, then i can see on the phone reader. for gif and tube, either linked using the syntax (less_than sign, a equals … greater sign) or directly pasted as http, the phone reader can’t see, and the comment stops immediately where the link is, so you also miss the rest of the comment. but that’s fine, because laptop reader can see all of these ok :-). Though this explains why sometimes i lost track of the convo if i’m on bus on phone and didn’t see the rest of message.. that’s why we get bigger screen in the office, esp. for appreciation ;-).


            1. especially for that!
              oka,yby tagging I meant the <img= syntax. Seems the WP comments work better with just the link? It auto-embeds YT, too, but there are issues with gif files.


            2. ah ok, no i didn’t know that trik, so have never used it.
              i do like it that you ‘re replying to this thread though, because it’s a very nice excuse for me to keep seeing this picture again. am thinking it might be my music for today (when i wake up!)


            3. “when I wake up”: that reminds me, I should make myself another coffee if my current paper is to grow more than 2 pgs. today. (distracting threads, all of them…)


          2. I just used the link under “Direct” on photobucket. I’m not even sure what a tag is, is that when you hide the link under a word like I used in my 2nd attempt?


            1. no, tags are the ‘things in brackets’ that equal basic html and allow you to display things in bold or Italics or tie in a photo or a link even when there’s no GUI supporting that. (you can see examples when you look at the lines not saying ‘direct’ in Photobucket. But it seems we won’t need it!)


        1. yeah, sorry that entire Photobucket us didn’t work out that well in the end. I hope you didn’t lose much!


  1. *heavy breathing* Mitridativersary…
    *reads date and time* DAMN.

    I have commitments the entire day! Life isn’t fair! 😦

    …Maybe I could take more bathroom breaks than usual? Pretend to be sick?

    Pre-load all of my screencaps, write a WordPress script, and time them with the video so they post automatically at the appropriate moments for maximum fangirling effect?

    …No, that’s probably too much. That’s getting into “watching both edits side by side to compare microexpressions revealed by different close-ups” level of obsession, and we know I’d never be THAT far gone about this production.


    Seriously, though, I’ll be reading back through comments gleefully ~six hours later. I hope everyone has a delightful time!!!

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  2. Speaking of screen caps and fav, i had a meeting today with an art historian/researcher, and learned a few things we can apply to our caps. I can’t remember all the terminology, but essentially there are 3 layers to a static photo, and we can use that guideline to “elaborate” on our intakes 😉
    1. the natural intake of the photo
    2. the context
    3. a deeper level based on the biography of the author who took the photo / painted the art.

    She actually used that exact Leonardo da Vinci “last supper” painting as an example: (1) we can see 13 people eating dinner. (2) for westerners with a bit of background in christian something, we associate it with the last supper. (3) knowing Leonardo da Vinci’s background and work you can analyze further the symmetry, the subtle messages (somewhere, which i don’t know)…

    In any case, applying this to your front photo:
    1. … i have to say, i’ll need to disentangle 1,2,3 to be subjective at 1 😉 . best to let an outsider have a go first? 😀

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    1. let’s see…
      1) I just wanna dance with somebody!
      2) I just wanna dance with Aspasia!
      3) The fangirls really like dancing, too.


      1. 😀
        Here’s my try:
        1) A woman in a suit dancing on a table (yes, that’s what it shows, nothing else, believe me, but might be enough to evoke interest already?)
        2) Sifare in Mitridate 2016 at TCE
        3) Severe outbreak of acute Greek Soprano Syndrome at the sight of THE SHIRT dancing

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        1. Level 4): individuelly disposed reaction to analysis level 1-3.
          (because I get to “woman in a suit” and am already grinning, get to “dancing”, and start whistling Whitney, and that’s pretty much the filter I’ve got)


          1. Maybe we could add level 5) of people we would like to add to the picture. Really, I look at it and immediately miss Aspasia. Btw where is Farnace on that picture?


            1. back left, on the stairs with his textbook! (And I still don’t know the names of the child actors… )

              I like your level 5! 😉
              On “Level 2: Context” we do know that Aspasia is standing to the right, and she is watching. With intent. But that may not be enough!


    2. and i got some fantastic news yesterday: the local art gallery has agreed to host our “art” project (related to communicating science to the public) , so the art historian / curator is coming back , and i will be able to learn more techniques necessary for our analyses at the next Mitridaniversaire!

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        1. (ps i was looking for your Bartoli Ariodante post to write a comment and accudentally dropped comment on Giulia s post of the performance! but someone captureed one if her airas and i put link there if u would like to check out 🙂 )

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  3. our art researcher also mentioned a research technique of combing through thousands of photos to draw out common themes/feathers (cough). I know Purity at the White-shirt for-higher-learning institute once offered research grant.. we could send young(?) researchers through your library blog, Anik (and any archives of Eyes + Purity’s old libraries). One potential idea is to understand what can a static photo evoke in term of awareness and curiosity to research further… (ahem). Once the themes are found, we could group them and frame representatives in the White Shirt Museum…

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          1. Didn’t the Prina Cesare have some scene with Cleopatra and feathers?
            If not: the sort-of-trans Armide in Vienna had a feather epaulette coat in Act 1.


            1. i’d suggest using your husband’s computer (an independent sample) to test this again, because them browsers and cookies, they keep track of where you’ve been for “suggested” sites ;-).


            2. Uh… that was not the plan. It doesn’t even say Petibon?! But it’s a good impression of good work to be found by, so I guess it could be worse 😉

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    1. Oh, the search for common features, such a grueling and time-consuming task. Sigh, how will we ever manage to elicit a few volunteers?

      (I vote Purity onto the Museum Board!)

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