Sound and Clouds and Thunder (12)

[Still a better candidate for Secretary of Education than the one who got confirmed: the Allegory of Madness, La Folie, from Rameau’s “Platée”, as called upon by Emmanuelle Haïm and Patricia Petibon, Paris/TCE 2011]

Current pastime amusement:  drawing up history book entries of the future about this (optimistically assuming people will still be literate then, and it won’t be thanks to those who confirmed this disgrace to sentient ambling across the surface of this battered planet).

Whatever 45 and his posse are doing, it is not normal. It is not okay. It is blatant bullying, lying and scapegoating. Also: illegal. Whoever keeps them in office will also get a nice history book entry that will be equal parts scathing and objective because in this case, those two is more or less the same thing. Here’s fodder. Then look at the Resistance Program Notes put forward by Bernice King, and then hone in on No. 7.

Don’t look at anything orange and hateful today, look at the beauty of Leontyne Price instead:

And if you’d like to add some smart French glasses and soprano-mezzo hugs (also, dueting in leaf crowns because YES) in the recent Clément/Rousset Fairy Queen, including shot of white shirt with rolled up sleeves at stage manager station? We got you covered.

Resist. And move the scenery to change the picture. No one wears rolled-up sleeves as well as you do.

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