Sound and Clouds and Thunder (13)

[Since the world needs more wisdom, and ladies in ties. – The begining of  Lully’s “Armide” from our usual suspect, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris 2008, featuring here Claire Debono (La Gloire) and Isabelle Druet (La Sagesse) in a staging by Robert Carsen. Clip with thanks to musicalpunchlines’s channel (full video here, thanks to Agapò te Musikè 3)]

This is your weekly reminder of, this is not normal, this will never be normal.

And if someone asked a question does answer to something completely different, with a lie, and then blames you for a third unrelated thing, you trip them up by blaming them for something else (that you just made up) in return, to then claim with a very serious face that, no, only on Wednesdays, and if then, the result will only, since the beginning of time, and don’t you dare. And no, it is only art if it’s by Kurt Schwitters.

(follow-up question: did you legally change your last name to reflect your ‘work’? Or was it  a calling from an early age on?)

But while the actual staggering question is how so many people can NOT stand up and defend basic decency and basic human rights. Then again, so many others do, and vocally so. In some case, people who are splendid with vocals on a Belcanto level.

And while we many not be able to sing, we are not alone, and we will persist (nevertheless or not). There is a huge ‘we’, and it is beautiful and manifold. I mean, we can are used to sit through 4-hour Baroque operas. I can get through 4 years of (technically horrid) da capo from a certain crowd. But you better believe my review will be scathing.

(Meanwhile, if your queer heart needs a hug and a smile today, go here. #EverythingIsBetterWithMezzos)


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