Liveblogging Rossini’s “Semiramide”(Munich 2017) on Sunday


[Imperial Picnic: Daniela Barcellona (Arsace) and Joyce DiDonato (Semiramide) in Rossini’s “Semiramide”, Munich/Staatsoper 2017]

Bayerische Staatsoper Munich is livestreaming their Rossini “Semiramide” this upcoming Sunday, Feb. 26th, at 5:00 p.m. (UTC+1).

We’re joining in.

(more or less – some of us are actually  in Munich on Sunday, others are on conferences with possibly spotty WiFi)

The David-Alden-staged, Michele Mariotti-conducted production has JoyceDiDonato and Daniela Barcellona in the leads, so it’s #DoubleMezzoGlory on Sunday night, and I cannot wait.


(okay, the actual hashtag for the evening is #BSOsemiramide, for the Twitter squeals on the side)

The evening will be streamed via the Staatsoper website and if you want to while away the time until then, there’s a video trailer (including interview bits with both DiDonato and Barcellona), there’s DiDonato talking about her role (plus an academic round table of sorts), and there’s Donna Leon giving a Semiramide 101 in the Assyrian prop crown (no, seriously) and throwing shade at 45.

16 thoughts on “Liveblogging Rossini’s “Semiramide”(Munich 2017) on Sunday”

  1. Aaaah, can’t wait! (and Mariotti in his interview says more or less the same you explained to me months ago on Rossini’s music). Next days will be preparation only (including the lime-green), so I’ll hopefully be able to appreciate this in all dimensions (and not just faint on JDD’s/DB’s coloratura, but OMG!).


    1. Fainting, absolutely. That’s pretty much all I’ll do on Sunday, in between squealing and monoblogging.

      (I really need to read up more on Mariotti – I like what I have heard so far!)


    1. And I think on Sunday, it’ll likely be me talking to myself here, but since Zi promised way back when to make it a liveblog and since I’ll be watching it live, anyway, I set it up.


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      1. Smorgie said she might stop by! and i just worked out the time difference: it’ll be 8am here! so i won’t miss it! but i’ll have to figure out how to liveblog at the same time, because as soon as the capture machine starts it’ll take up the screen… might try with my very non-functional phone! but i’ll tune in!

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        1. 8 a.m.! So that’s Belcanto Breakfast, then? With Smorgy, neat!!

          I strongly suspect that this broadcast, with this cast, will show up in various places – like the Magic Channel, or IFL. But better safe than sorry…?


  2. So excited! I noticed only yesterday my planned flight schedule is pretty tight, had nightmares about flight delays… but now boarding soon. So great you can capture it, thadieu, and getting up so early, much appreciated!

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