Sound and Clouds and Thunder (14)

[I thought we could do with some female disdain in charge at the moment: Anja Harteros (Alcina), “Ma quando tornerai” aka “Cry Me A River” in Handel’s “Alcina”, Vienna 2010. (in case this embeds wrongly at pt. 1 again: it’s part 21/25).- Clip with thanks to LyriqueMGK. For the full video-version, check here as of 39’00 (#HippyThing), and for a 2009 in-house from Milan (Carsen’s production, but still Harteros), head over to Gudrun’s]

It’s been another bummer of a week, in between the events at Standing Rock and losing trans protections, and that was just the past two days.

If you want some fuel regarding oil being added to the fire or vice versa, here’s someone else who does female disdain in charge rather well (no singing, just politics).
Also, shoutout to those of my undergrads who covered all the gendered bathroom placards on our floor with handwritten ‘gender neutral’ signs. And to the diversity department of my school, which protested the f/m listing for student class inscriptions. Each class list now has a nice reminder of, “remember you students’ preferred/chosen gender may not be reflected accurately by the binary listing below”.

In heartwarming musical news this days, this is Dorothea Röschmann (in a nice hommage by Manuel Brug of Die Welt – yo, dehggi, did you see this?!) on winning an Emmy for her song recital with Mistuko Uchida and on being allowed to gain in maturity and experience in the singing world (article is in German, but G.Translator will catch the gist of it).

And if you’d like to add some smart French glasses and soprano-mezzo hugs (also, dueting in leaf crowns because YES) in the recent Clément/Rousset Fairy Queen, including shot of white shirt with rolled up sleeves at stage manager station? We got you covered.

And also on Mariame Clément: footage of the upcoming “Ritorno d’Ulisse” at TCE under Haïm, including a) the mezzo and b) the stage director in those glasses.

Meanwhile, and in further Female Disdain In Charge: uncasual reminder that there’s the DiDonato/Barcellona “Semiramide” live-streaming from Munich on Sunday (I’ll be here fainting in public), and that’s be enough Sound And Thunder to carry me over to the 15th edition of this column next week.

(14 down, 194 to go…
#BelcantoForTheRevolution #We’veGotBreathTill2020)

13 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (14)”

    1. That’s it. Röschmann would be all, “glamour? I have no time to worry about powdering my nose on stage, excuse me while I work on actual portrayals up here, so glamour can just move over and not get in my way.”


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      1. 🙂 but it’s very good to see she got some of the recognition she deserves. I like that she’s been doing her thing regardless of trends. I was also amused to hear she was in bed when the awards were given.

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        1. yes! it is so also somehting that matters form a point of music politics and gender politics in music – that singers with an approach (and output) like Röschmann win a Grammy in their sleep — which sounds fabulously badass, too.

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  1. finally navigated my way to part21, sooo cool!! (and i never forget her hip shake)
    (meanwhile, i also reconnect with the news.. definitely the opposite of normal.. likely i’ll find myself on the street protesting again soon, as i should.)


    1. Forbidding free press comes one step before persecuting free press.

      At this point, all institutions should band together and simply work around the five fascists in charge and stop giving them any outlet.


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