Mezzo Alert: DiDonato LIVE now

JDD interview BR Klassik.png

On FB livestream right now: JDD being interviewed by BR Klassik for “Meine Klassik”. (and it will apparently be available after the fact in their video section. Questions are German/Denglish; replies are in English).

Check in – you’ll have to wince around some of the questions (and the English is spotty to the point of misconstruing meanings), some mansplaining and interrupting, and best ignore the little German summaries.

But DiDonato is an actual source of light, and we are not worthy.

She is talking (while being diplomatic) about U.S. politics, about her social work (especially in Sing-Sing), about new recording/stage projects, but also about family, and music as a vocation, and about tango and food. And she is talking about changing the world for the better through music, while she is actually doing it (even in talking about music).

(the edited interview will be on BR Klassik (audio) on March 4th, too)

Also: “Rossini demands a personal interpretation” yes THANK YOU can I please print this for my students.

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