Sound and Clouds and Thunder (15)

[If there ever was a clip that should be tagged #RockingTheRevolution and #IfBelcantoIsWithUsWhoMayStandAgainstUs, it is this one – the first Romeo scene from Bellini’s “I Capuleti e i Montecchi”, sung by Joyce DiDonato at the 2013 Berlin Aids Gala. Clip with thanks to MissHelena1011.]

15 down, 193 to go, barring the apocalypse, but we’d even have a soundtrack for the apocalypse and you bet it would involve a free press and Antonacci singing the Berlioz Cassandre with an interpolated “I told you this wasn’t normal, and you just wouldn’t listen.”

(Cassandre addendum: Apollo can shove it with his patriarchy-sustained harassing, and he would never win an Oscar, either.)

The White Shirt Apocalypse would also come with a soprano in trousers as Ascagne and I would find a reason to hand them a sword. So, yes, even my apocalypse sounds better than 45’s reality.

This is not normal. This is not meeting the bare minimum of human decency. And shutting out everyone who might tell you this is basically stuffing your fingers in your ears and shouting “La la, I can’t here you”, but that won’t make us go away, or keep us from asking questions and demanding answers (or running for office).

Here, have some mad DiDonato (the tux is just an added bonus) if you need a refill for your Righteous Anger to keep it focused, and keep it sustained. Which boils down to Keep It Belcanto.

And on Lady Power and really long breath, remember that Penelope managed it, too, and she found the time to knit on the side. Granted, I’d be happy if it wouldn’t turn out to be a full 20 years, but I’m tenacious, even if I can’t knit. And apropos women-led narratives, enjoy the (French) interview with Haïm and Clément on the Tuesday premiere (Feb 28) of Monteverdi’s Ritorno d’Ulisse at TCE.


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