Liveblogging Rossini’s “Semiramide”(Munich 2017) again on Tue/Wed

[Get out the champagne, we are doing this all over again: JoyceDiDonato (Semiramide) and Alex Exposito (Assur) in Rossini’s “Semiramide”, Munich/BSO 2017]

Yes, we only just did this, but since the original livestream had so many hiccups and then some of us were unavailable last weekend when Bayerische Staatsoper kindly made the archived stream available on demand, yet now are unable to wait any longer, we’re hosting a Repeat Double Feature Liveblog of the recent Munich “Semiramide” on Tuesday, Mar. 7th, (pt. 1) and Wednesday, Mar. 8th, (pt. 2), at 9:30 p.m. (UTC+1) each.

The production is not available visa the BSO any longer, but has seeped into circulation thanks some valiant captures at first hour (shoutout to Brigitte) and the weekend re-stream on demand, which likely everyone else will have captured and filed away for frequent enjoyment.

If you would like to liveblog along and do not have watching access, drop us a comment below or write us a private message.


1 thought on “Liveblogging Rossini’s “Semiramide”(Munich 2017) again on Tue/Wed”

  1. In light of recent events I’ll probably start of tonight (and I am very much loking forward to tonight) with a Memorial Minute for the Master of Lime Green – just learned via the FB feed of MP that Alberto Zedda has died.
    From my personal musical standpoint (as someone who loves Rossini), this is the biggest impact since Harnoncourt – an editor, teacher and researcher in addition to a great conductor. Perhaps we can find another production headlined by him to liveblog soon?
    For now, breaking out a Scotch in a toast to his work.

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