Sound and Clouds and Thunder (16)

Vivica Genaux (Piramo), Desirée Rancatore (Tisbe) duetting: “Che mai temer potrei” from Hasse’s “Piramo e Tisbe” with Europa Galante & Biondi, Salzburg 2010. – Clip with thanks to la Chaîne de wienerfr – (There is a version with more context on YT, too)]

It has been another week driving home the point that veneer of civilization is thin, but that it is all the more reason to guard its surface and skate across it with care.

I do not believe in chaos and destruction. Don’t give way to those who do. They do not belong on the playground.

As we are about Day 50 of the new presidency, I am over the tiny-fingered tantrum toddler, who, yes, is a nuisance, and dangerous like a small kid let alone with the gun closet key, and disgusting, deranged, but he’s just a pathetic footnote. The actual danger are the fascists like Mr. B., moving the puppet that strive on destruction to then rule over a people discouraged by fear and despair, attacking institutions that assure the health, safety, well-being and prosperity of – not all, as they should, but many, and faulty as they are, they should stay, and improve, and continue to give stability.

But destructive people are forgetting something. Even while, lamentably, many regimes around the world may function as violence-based hierarchies rooted in fear, it is impossible to fully squash out kindness and human decency.

Also, people in democracies, though they may have lost the appreciation for the precious gift they are given and bought with the blood of prior generations, have known democracy and know to think themselves outside of regimes of violence, and they will not easily be pushed back into systems of nepotist violence.

The other week, I saw Hasse’s “Piramo e Tisbe” – a mezzo and a soprano in love, and a tenor who cannot do anything to change that. There is a longer duet that closes out the first part that struck me as an oddly fitting current commentary: what could I fear more than losing you? That is how it starts. And there is fear (this is an operatic serenata, so there has to be drama), but there is also hope.

And truly, what should we fear other than losing each other and viewing each other as human beings? My act of resistance this week, other than overt scathing commentary and engaging lots of people in political debate, is smiling at others, and striving to love more, and sowing so much kindness that someone intent on destruction will run out of breath trying to squash it all.

Happy weekend to you all.

2 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (16)”

    1. But of course it’s a more abstract ethical discussion- even if Pharaoh does not win, Pharaoh meanwhile kills people by taking away their healthcare, and those people are not in a position to ponder the concept of overall ethical wins and it does not save them.


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