Liveblogging Rossini’s “Tancredi”(Florence 2005) on Saturday

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[A new entry to the Red Shirts research discussion: Daniela Barcellona (Tancredi) in Rossini’s “Tancredi”, Florence 2005. – Photo Credit: since I don’t have my DVD at the office, this shot comes via the folks of operaclick]

Time for another Rossini contralto musico epic – the one that started it all, “Tancredi”! We’re liveblogging a production that also started an ongoing interest in the work of Daniela Barcellona for more than one of us, the 2005 Maggio Musicale take, this upcoming Saturday, Mar. 18th, at the usual hour of 9 p.m. (UTC+1).

Anyone wanting to blog along: welcome!

The production is not on YT any longer (not that I could find), but out on DVD. Anyone wishing to blog along but without access to a working copy, feel free to leave us a comment or an email.

35 thoughts on “Liveblogging Rossini’s “Tancredi”(Florence 2005) on Saturday”

  1. Aha, that’s what the red shirts are about! Didn’t you also mention it had some original reference to Tancredi?
    Anyway, a good thing he doesn’t die very soon in the opera.

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      1. Still, either way, I can’t see a real happy end for this couple, given this totally screwed-up relationship. Might have to watch a few more versions to see if I can be convinced 🙂


        1. nah, best use the thadieu approach of “ignore the libretto, focus on the music, if need be” – he is an insecure jerk with trust issues.

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  2. Yes, it was good i listened to the music repeatedly for .. 2009-2014 before reading up on the translation (*&)&^%## . and then at the live performance, it was “what the hell! ):/ . First Ciofi’s Amenaïde announced her love for life, then Father: great, you’re here, i found a husband for you, him! Guy: i’ve loved you looong time.. Amenaïde: uhhhh . Guy: what? you’re hesitant?? Father: PERFECT, wedding tomorrow!


            1. …meanwhwile, I realised Petibon sang in Vienna 3 days ago and I missed it because I didn’t know. Someone take away my fangirl badge, this is inexcusable. I am crushed. I could have gone!


            2. only now, after the fact.
              And I think she has the tour dates somewhere in her header graphic? but it doesn’t show up! *tearing on hair*


            3. ok, i think i’ have to subscribe to her agent. the agent once invited me to “like” their page, that is how we learn about her rare programs! she’s at Wigmore Hall today…


            4. yeah, I’ll probably have to do the same. DG really should a better job of promoting her, that Twitter account is an embarrassment.


  3. Um, I want that jacket.

    anyway, was looking for the liveblog just to say I’m doing taxes, pray for me! So won’t be joining. But looking forward to a date with my beloved once I’m done here (for today).


  4. Ack! Just found out about this and could have totally joined. This was my first week of parental leave, so I’ve been home more, but on the Internet less with my hands full of wriggly baby. As hard as he is to convince to go to sleep, I’ll try to time nap time with liveblog time next time.

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    1. have him watch along next time – opera education from the get-go! 😉

      tentative plans for next weekend are the Opéra comique “Fantasio” with Crébassa, I think.

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      1. I was wanting to check out more Crebassa! I’ll check for the details and join you for the listening party even if my hands are too full of baby to liveblog along.


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