White Shirt Monday: Mezzo Fantasy

Fantasio MC 17.png

[Monday face? Oh please, Fantasio, your yellow hairpiece is a lot more in good taste than its brainslug counterpart on 45. – Marianne Crébassa (Fantasio) and chorus in Offenbach’s “Fantasio”, Paris/TdC 2017 – Photo Credit: Pierre Grobois/Opéra comique]

No more reason for Mondy face at all, since this production continues to be available through Culturebox (actually, are we finally liveblogging it this week? I could use some mezzotastic Offenbach!).

Also, did you know that Culturebox has a (German) presence on YT where they upload their operas and seemingly everything else in full in HD and it’s glorious and I will not question this magic?

7 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Mezzo Fantasy”

      1. Apart from the fact that likely non of us would ever protest the appearance of JDD in a tux, what I love most about this is her continued attitude towards the gender spectrum of her repertory, and the gender/sexuality spectrum of her fans.
        This should be the norm, right? That every part and everyone is accepted, perhaps even gently teased about their fancies, and that no one is silenced, or frantically scrambles away in homophobia. Just human beings treating each other with kindness and shared respect. (In JDD’s case, also with ample enthusiasm)


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