Liveblogging Offenbach’s “Fantasio” on Saturday

[The only version of “Twilight” I’ll ever watch: the one with the mezzo serenading underneath the balcony. #OutMontagued! – Marianne Crébassa (Fantasio) and Marie-Eve Munger (Elsbeth) in Offenbach’s “Fantasio”, Paris/TdC 2017]

The times call for some Offenbach and mezzos in trousers (the again, when do they not?), so this weekend, we’re finally liveblogging the recent “Fantasio” staged by Thomas Jolly at Théâtre du Châtelet, this Saturday, Mar. 25th, at 9 p.m. UTC+1.

The production continues to be available through Culturebox, and through the German Culturebox YT Channel, French subtitles included.

All White Shirts and friends invited; I think the only thing we’re missing at this point is the champage. And the ice bucket, because you never know what happens when the stage lovechild of Spike and Drusilla happens to be able to sing.

29 thoughts on “Liveblogging Offenbach’s “Fantasio” on Saturday”

  1. new to me! but i will either be marching, or if there’s a snowstorm, Idomeneo-ing. (PLEASE don’t tell anyone I’m rather hoping for the later…)


    1. As a wise friend recently mentioned to me, self-care is an integral part of sustainable resistance. 🙂
      So there should be both marching and mezzo princes working through their issues of queer self-loathing.


    2. You mean the MET Idomeneo in HD? That’s likely going to be wonderful. My secret favourite in that cast is Elza van den Heever, I was super-impressed hearing her live a few years ago.


    1. Enfant terrible, really? But this whole staging seems rather cute at first sight, not really made to create a stir (but we have MC for that). I’m curious for your opinions on Saturday.


      1. I don’t see anything terrible about it, either (they should see that Cotton Candy Wig DonG!), but film formats and people not involved in theatre…


  2. (hope i can join this! currently still awake and making figures.. so not sure how i will be awake at … either 2pm or 3pm on sat depending on when you change the clock..)


    1. Clock should change Sun. between 2 and 3 a.m. It would be great if you could join in. I’ll probably have scrambled eggs for brains, too, after this week.



  3. ps- pasting my comment here as well:
    i’ve also discovered something is changed today on wordpress such that i can not comment from the reader mode anymore… which would make liveblogging a big mess.. i’m now only able to comment on your main site

    Could any of you check to see if you can still comment from reader mode? otherwise i will have to reload the main page every time for live blogging, and it makes commenting significantly more difficult because there’s not always a reply button on the main page..


    1. Damn it, youa re right! I am writing to wordpress about this, this is a huge incumbence for my use of the site.

      I usually liveblog over the top right corner dropdown menue where I see your comments pop up as they come in, but that only works for replies. very inconvenient.


      1. yeah, i’ve tried 4 different browsers, so i dont think it’s a browser issue. so now the only quick reply i can send is if someone directly reply to me so i see the bell orange dot. else, i have to go to your site (or Dehggi’s, same there) and reload that page everytime to see if there’s any new comment from anyone, authors included…

        good news is the phone is still working.. but for liveblogging that’d be an adventure! i sent wp a help message to see if there’r more people encountering this due to some recent changes they made


      2. check if you can even see comments on my site via reader mode, because i can see “MY” site comments ok (after i follow myself!!) , but all other sites i follow i now can not load comments or “reply”


  4. On Monday, I was a bit weirded out by the clown outfit but during this week I have somehow become more and more intrigued by this opera. 🙂 I’m just hoping I won’t be late (because I have a choir concert tonight)!

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  5. The kiddo and I are queued up on YT & will listen along! He just woke up, so probably not too much commenting forthcoming from me, but we are with you all in spirit!


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