Elviras of the Caribbean

elviras of hte caribbean.png

[Elviras of the Caribbean, fighting Zombie Pirates with tattoes and doing their best Hammarström impression: Marie-Adeline Henry (Elvira) and  Robert Gleadow (Leporello) in Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” as staged by Ivan Alexandre, Drottningholm 2017. – Photo Credit: Mats Bäcker]

A Twitter timeline can offer beautiful (in)sights.

What’s also beautiful: the full review over at Ôlyrix.

And you know what must also be beautiful? To be an ‘opera power couple’ and have breakfast conversations like this:
“Oh, where would we like to spend some time together, among the world’s most beautiful opera places?”
“I heard Drottningholm is lovely that time of year!”
“I am sure the Musiciens will agree. – How about we make it a whole da Ponte trilogy?”

Meanwhile, my line is: “How about Dorttningholm (Or the Opéra Royal, or the Musiciens du Louvre) organize a broadcast of this? Or how about the while trilogy?” Because I will line up for Minkowski and the Musiciens du Louvre playing Mozart (or anything, really, whom am I kidding. But Mozart!)

Meanwhile, another beautiful thing: the Pirate!Elvira fanfic plots that are conjured up now like Barbosa zombie minions at midnight (possibly also staring Antonacci from that Vienna decor shipwreck, or some added Southern California Dreaming).

3 thoughts on “Elviras of the Caribbean”

  1. i am pretty confused about this post, but i gathered some key words: Minkowski + Antonacci = heaven 🙂
    Speaking of Minkowski, i have been spending my paper-typing session through twice his Armide. I think you knew already there was a radio broadcast? I was so happy to find it, soooo rich in the orchestra sound compared to the hurricane-force Muti version.


    1. yes, I’ve got it, thanks to FitzFulke! Happy memories. Oh, imagine that with Antonacci…
      (point of the post was really just “oh, this looks like Pirate Elvira!” (and I think we first thought that one up during ACA’s Vienna Elvira?) And I would hope that Minkowksi and Alexandre and everyone involved in this pirate DonG also enjoyed their Drottningholm stay.)


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