March 2018: Plans.

I’ve been lowkey screaming about this since Dumaux mentioned he’d be Polinesso in a new Ariodante in Vienna in 2018.

This morning, I saw it in the Jeneusse opera season ticket plans annoucements.

Oh. My.

On one hand, it’s hell freezing over because the Staatsoper doing another Handel when the previous one is only 7 years in the past? Unhard of. On the other hand, it’s also pretty marvelous.

So far, I haven’t heard anything else, but wouldn’t it make sense to invite back their previous Handel team? Or why not go for the whole 2016 package of an Alexandre production, with Les Musiciens du Louvre, and with Minkowski conducting?

(And if you’d like to intersperse it, again, with another bit of Baroque: just do that Alcina again. Preferably with Papatanasiu.)

Just as a precaution (I don’t even know yet when the Staatsoper will reveal their next season), I am blocking all out-of-town conference invitations for late February/early March 18. Priorities, people. Priorities.

Of course, when I went to check whether Les Musiciens du Louvre already have their 17/18 seaon announced, I nearly got a heart attack before I realized I was in the 16/17 schedule.

heart attack.jpg

7 thoughts on “March 2018: Plans.”

    1. well, didn’t Gens sing it? (Or am I mixing that up with the Lully and all the Iphigenies?) Then MP should be able to. Not sure about tessitura fit and lower middle heft…


      1. yes, i think Gens did sing it, with Minkowski. on the lower middle heft, i’ve heard enough, i’m convinced! 🙂
        (and we need more of her, what is she doing totally being absent in Paris?! well, there’s still Vienna planning…)


  1. ps- on that near heart attack, i just had the same moment.. when i visited MP’s site for schedule and saw Alcina!! man.. still on 16/17… don’t they know fans need 1 year buffer to plan?!


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