Paris Mitridate out on DVD April 28th


At least that’s what Amazon France says.


Excuse me while I go leave my composure over there in the corner and run around screaming while also fainting all over the place.

(though, TCE: you could have chosen that cover shot just a minute or two later. Or ten. Ehum.)

17 thoughts on “Paris Mitridate out on DVD April 28th”

    1. they’re going to released the shined-up glossed-over with huge zoom-ins and that scene after _the_ grasp greatly reduced, i’m afraid! but we have our underground still… though this might get those clips i posted flagged again… i might have to move them under soon perhaps…


      1. true, you might ahve to do that. And you are right, while I am absolutely thrilled the show and the cast get this exposure, I’m not as enthusiastic about version #2 as I would be about version #1.
        And the title shot is a still, so no clue.


        1. i don’t recall Ismene’s presence while Mitridate’s heckling Aspasia, clearly another #cutenurse issue perhaps. but yes, i’d vote for… 1 sec..

          if they insist on that scene… (well, there might be other options too.. but i’ve had that image in head since it was presented..)

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    1. Oh, bah, it’s the second cut. Oh, well.

      I’m just excited that I can finally watch it with my local opera buddy who speaks no Italian or French! Much easier to focus. And once she knows it, and hopefully loves it, we can watch the first cut. 😛


      1. The second cut, but who makes the artistic decisions at TCE when it comes to DVD releases??? Still a nice one to have in the collection, officially, and now you can parallel watch the cuts on two machines. (And once the ruckus dies down, we still need to continue our gif/screenshot rewatch!)



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