Paris Mitridate out on DVD April 28th

At least that’s what Amazon France says.

Excuse me while I go leave my composure over there in the corner and run around screaming while also fainting all over the place.

(though, TCE: you could have chosen that cover shot just a minute or two later. Or ten. Ehum.)

14 thoughts on “Paris Mitridate out on DVD April 28th”

    1. they’re going to released the shined-up glossed-over with huge zoom-ins and that scene after _the_ grasp greatly reduced, i’m afraid! but we have our underground still… though this might get those clips i posted flagged again… i might have to move them under soon perhaps…


      1. true, you might ahve to do that. And you are right, while I am absolutely thrilled the show and the cast get this exposure, I’m not as enthusiastic about version #2 as I would be about version #1.
        And the title shot is a still, so no clue.


        1. i don’t recall Ismene’s presence while Mitridate’s heckling Aspasia, clearly another #cutenurse issue perhaps. but yes, i’d vote for… 1 sec..

          if they insist on that scene… (well, there might be other options too.. but i’ve had that image in head since it was presented..)

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