The 2017/18 Season at Théâtre du Champs-Elysées


The TCE season reveal 17/18 starts in twenty minutes!

I am abandoning all plans of a productive morning and am settling down in front of the screen with a glass of Scotch because I don’t have any French wine in the office.

TCE, that should mean at least one Haïm production.

And possibly, with luck, also at least one Petibon appearance, be it opera or concert (there is still Mélisande to look forward to in May).

And, unless she’s now gone full Verdi with eyeing Desdemona now, it could mean a return of Papatanasiu. #AcuteGSSWithdrawals

There should be a shockful or Baroque/Belcanto concert opera, too, and I really need to get myself into a few more conferences in Paris to have an excuse to be on site. Sigh. – is it 11 a.m. yet?

76 thoughts on “The 2017/18 Season at Théâtre du Champs-Elysées”

  1. 4 scenic productions – first Barbiere (Rossini) staged by Pelly and conducted by Rhôrer, with Lindsey in the lead.


    1. they import the entire Zurich line-up.
      Plus Concert d’Astrée, because I think Haïm didn’t do the Dec/Jan Zurich run, did she?


        1. (*&%#%@
          i had a “heated” discussion with my friend in Paris, in Dehggi’s presence… my friend was _not_ under the impression they’re systematically swapping out all the mezzos for the CT… and said it was all about arts… yeah right, all about arts..


          1. *scoff*
            oh, pull-ease. Cis-casting has been a trend for the past few years, and it is NOT just about the arts. Sure, you have lots of really good countertenors now, but you also have lots of good mezzos.


            1. yes, it’s cis patrarchy at work again and people don’t even SEE it. If it were 50:50, I wouldn’t even complain, but it’s NOT 50:50.


  2. i’ve also discovered something is changed today on wordpress such that i can not comment from the reader mode anymore… which would make liveblogging a big mess.. i’m now only able to comment on your main site


  3. And the Orfeo is a Carsen production. (and not that I wouldn’t love Jaroussky, but couldn’t they have hired a mezzo, even if they won’t do the Berlioz take?


  4. thadieu, we need to head elsewhere for our GSS fixes. I’ll check when OperaVlaanderen does their reveal, and then we might seriously have to consider a trip to Belgium. (Antwerp is lovely either way)
    I hope we didn’t discover MP just at the “ah well, time to retire to home turf and pick up teaching” point of her career.

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  5. I still want to know the Sesto and the Annio for the Gauvin Vitellia, but so far, they haven’t transferred the program to the website.


      1. i’m sloooow to reply.. can’t reply any more on wordpress! i’ll have to re-adjust my behavior to pre-reader mode again.. meaning scouting every post of yours for every new reply within!


        1. you should get alerts in the top right corner with the bell ping at least when I reply to you.
          And I’ll switch to leaving comments on the latest post(s) to minimize scouting. But this is rally a downgrade in user friendliness.
          Am trying to find out where to leave a complaint…


            1. I can see your post, but it doesn’t show me the comments any loner, and clicking the comment button doesn’t let me anywhere any longer.


        2. I never get popping up of comments, and during live blogs have to refresh the browser all the time, I didn’t know there was a different possibility. Let me know how it works when it’s technically working again. but I did notice I often don’t get email-alerts for your comments, thadieu.


          1. no, we don’t get any pop-ups either. It’s just that instead of having to comment directly on Anik’s site here (which i love, but it’s a bit more work) you could just click on the “comments” in the reader mode and it loads much quicker and much easier to follow + reply. During liveblogs i always reload the page as well, but the reader page, not this main site. I think they’re almost the same, but reader is just much easier to use + read + scan quickly for new comments…

            I don’t get a lot of your comments notified either Agathe. It’s because who we directly reply to. So for example, if it’s a thread and we’re all replying to Anik, then only Anik’s replies will get us notified, or unless i reply directly to you…

            But there’s also a 2nd way to navigate that i find: first go to your.. whatever it’s called, hang on… yoursite dot wordpress dot com / wp-admin/ , then on the left menu: Comments I’ve made. This is partially how i’m able to follow conversations between you all when I’m not participating but made at least 1 comment.. though it’s not as easy to view as reader mode. I think they have a glitch.

            But the way you reply here, Agathe, does it mean you reply directly from Anik’s website?


            1. No idea, I usually read your comments in the emails (unless it’s during live blogs) and I just click “Reply” in the Email, then the site will open the reply window at the appropriate position.


      1. Yes, that would be a reason to skip it. Certainly no sound editor would let that version leave the press…?!



  6. Rinaldo in a “Low on the mezzos” version:

    Jason Bridges Goffredo
    Sandrine Piau Almirena
    Xavier Sabata Rinaldo
    Christopher Lowrey Argante
    Eve-Maud Hubeaux Armida
    Tomislav Lavoie Mago

    Christophe Rousset direction


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