Liveblogging Gluck’s “Orphée” (Munich 2003) on Saturday

WSM VK Orphee 170912

[Stop the clocks, it’s the White Shirt Mothership Performance (well, one of the two, the other one is the 2003 Salzburg Tito) is descending. – Vesselina Kasarova (Orphée) in Gluck’s “Orphée et Eurydice”, Munich 2003]

Time for another timeless classic: we’re livblogging the Munich 2003 “Orphée” with Kasarova in the lead this upcoming Saturday, April 1st, at 9 p.m. (UTC+2). Bring smelling salts.

The production was issued on DVD, but is currently out of print. If you do not own the DVD, but wish to blog along: there is a small-file working edition among the White Shirts – just contact one of us usual suspects via comment or personal message.

9 thoughts on “Liveblogging Gluck’s “Orphée” (Munich 2003) on Saturday”

    1. Oops – will correct tonight. On my way to TADW as I type this. 3 hours of fierce army commander Nesi ahead!



      1. oh wow, now?! wow wow wow!
        (ok, i’ll stay tight and finish the 2 items for the day: review + project final report, *very* determined to finish so i can also write up my Juditha report)


        1. I don’t really envision tomorrow as ‘calm and collected’. 😉
          Glad you had fun over Rodelinda – sorry I couldn’t join in. I fell asleep with the kids and wasn’t at the computer before well after 22:30. And then I logged in and thought “181 new comments? What, did I get hacked by spammers?”
          I adjusted the post now that it will be evident as a liveblog and will also be archived, and moved the date (and I replicated the original WSM post)

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  1. I don’t have a copy of this (I tried to find the dvd in the library but it wasn’t there) so could you please help me again? The production looks interesting (especially the severed limbs and heads I saw in a clip on thadieu’s channel… :o)

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