Sound and Clouds and Thunder (19)

[Some sage advice from the mezzo villain to make it through another week of nepotism, climate terrorism and indifference towards life both human and animal: take it from Mary-Ellen Nesi (Medarse) in Hasse’s “Siroe, ré di Persia”, Moscow 2015. – Clip with thanks to kvrahn]

Yes, since I’m having a bit of a Nesi situation since last week and more so since yesterday, you all have to suffer through it, too. This aria is the first-act closer (and, arguably, showstopper) from Hasse’s “Siroe”, where the shunned younger brother to the king-to-be finally sees a new day approaching:

Fra l’orror de la tempesta
che alle stelle il volto imbruna
qualche raggio di fortuna
già comincia a scintillar.

Doppo sorte sì funesta
sarà placida quest’alma.
E godrà tornata in calma
i perigli a rammentar.

Roughly translating to: “At some point, you’ll get lucky, too and and you’ll get to use this for story fodder.”

The planet shouldn’t have to rely on advice like this, and less from the bad guy of an opera plot, but 1) a little throne-usurping looks downright playpenly at the moment next to coal fume intoxication on a planetary level, so 2) I’ll take what I can get right right now.

The magnolias have opened up yesterday (we still have those) and made me smile on my way to work. It will be precious few days, but these days are now. Also in my neighborhood. And I am once more happy I took half a day off to vote last year in that tiny, unpopular election of Hood Mayor because the Green Party candidate won and we have less car traffic and more begreened public transport stops as a result. And now I’ll step into class and try to teach my undergrads something on ethics and timeless beauty and gardening (and pottery), and on the precious right to vote and speak up. (It’s my new low-key static noice in everything I teach: Responsible Citizen of the World 101)

12 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (19)”

  1. great music to get my morning started! (and admit i haven’t read the news…)
    (but on Nesi, we can solve the Nesi + Hallenberg puzzle all in one with that Ariodante? I really like them both in that. and it would prep you for the upcoming JDD + Prina version in May)


    1. Ariodante with Hallenberg and Nesi – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Why do I not know about this?
      Onto the list for after the Alcina! (Is it online somewhere?)

      Liked by 1 person

        1. yes please! it is going t be a very Ariodante season anyway – I may end up catching the Stuttgart take, and there’s Vienna in 2018.


        1. Dr T., we talk about Hallenberg all the time. You could have casually mentioned this at some point since 2010! 😉 )
          completely sailed under my radar.


          1. come to think about it, there was at times i curious why you “seem” to ignore that production.. and thought may be you didn’t like Hallenberg in there for some reason 😉


            1. let me think… is there anything in which I do not like Hallenberg?
              I know the production (Just saw it’s on Dynamics) will likely be on the less challenging side, but Hallenberg…!


    1. Hah. Thank you!
      (which reminds that I really need to find time to review not just Germanico, bot also Ulisse!)


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