Vienna 17/18 (and some Munich)


While the TADW 17/18 announcement doesn’t even have a publicized date yet, the Staatsoper did hold its press conference yesterday, which I would have missed even if livestreamed (was it?) because of conferences of my own.

Given that it is the Staatsoper, I commend Meyer for programming a few things off the beaten mainstream path (and for hiring Susanna Mälkki to conduct one of them). My main question of “But the Ariodante?!” has been answered: Sarah Connolly.

Yaaaaaaaaay! Way to score a lead with Vienna Staatsoper in one of her signature roles.

Let’s hope the winter won’ t be too hard and long because that will be a long couple of days in the standing room queue!


Though honestly? I am not as over the moon over this “Ariodante” as I was about last year’s “Alcina”. It is great, of course, to have Christie and Les Arts Florissants in the pit (I simply love Les Musiciens du Louvre more), but I am most looking forward to Connolly and Dumaux, who, between the two of them, should be enough to counteract a classic McVicar staging that I predict to be “prancing about in stuffy kilts”. I’m also really happy to see Hila Fahima get more exposure, particularly in this repertory.

(Dates: Feb. 24th, 26th; March 1st, 4th and 8th)

The second moment of excitement was, for me, seeing Angela Denoke slated as Geschwitz (this will be the one Lulu where I might root for Geschwitz to walk off with Dr. Schön, commiserating over getting their hearts broken in a May/September romance) – though in truth, I would be excited about Denoke as pretty much anything.

About the Alagna/Garanča “Samson & Dalila”, I am mildly curious. Because with a smart concept that challenges Garanča’s stage skills, this could be a killer take on seduction tropes. Then again, it is the Staatsoper and it might just be a played-safe bore falling flat, with decorative wigs, while possibly employing elephants.

There are some highlights in the repertory casting, though (sadly, no Paptanasiu this year, neither in the Verdian staples (Traviata, Boccanegra), nor as Donna A.) – Exibit A “It’s not the Chérau production, but it is the Chérau cast and I am SO going to be there”:Elektra.png

Also, look who inherited Dessay’s spot in the Pelly “Fille du régiment”:


Aggressive Ironing FTW!

After being bowled over by her Strauss’ Kaiserin about five years ago, Simone Schneider as Sieglinde DOES make me sit up straight (or, actually, gay), but I’m not sure I could bear with the Wagnerians down the queue.


Will I be able to bear with the Tosca tourists, though, in case I am struck with a case of Naglestad Nostalgia next June?


Other noteworthy bits: Rachvelishvili as Amneris in April/May 18, Pieczonka as Ballo-Amelia in Nov. 17 (next to an optimistically announced Hvorostovksy as René), Angela Denoke as Countess in Capriccio (really?) with Lars Woldt and Angelika Kirchschlager as Clairon (May 18).

Pisaroni sings some Leporello (Jan. 18), unfortunately not coinciding with Röschmann’s Elvira (Oct. 17); he also appears Cenerentola (Feb. 18). Iris Vermillion appears as Herodias (Sept. 17) which likely means the Nov. series is off because she will burn down the stage, as per usual, and they’ll be without a set by the end of September.

And then there is this, utterly straight, but also utterly intriguing: Harding conducting Pelléas with Karg, Keenleyside and Bernard Richter, which sounds like the musically most fabulous piece of repertory of the entire season:


Meanwhile, I might have to head to Munich in Oct/Nov for the new Loy Figaro – they cast von Otter as Marcellina and I am feling so very Marschallin about that. Also, Gerhaher as the Count. (Fritsch as a soprano Cherubino). There is no chance to get into the Festspiele production of Haydn’s Orlando Paladino in July 18, but Tara Erraught as Alcina in that one would be a good reason.

And, yes, fine, Petrenko conducting the Ring with Stemme is quite something. As is Harteros as Ballo-Amelia.

Other upcoming Munich moments: Iervolino as Orsini in Edita Borgia.  Nice!


The recent Semiramide is back, with just about everyone but DiDonato and Brownlee, it seems:


Also back: the 2009 (?) Calisto. And if you ask me what my idea of a good night out is, listening to Christiane Karg pining after Anna Bonitatibus while Karina Gauvin prowls aggressively on the sidelines with jealously is pretty much it (also, it has Tim Mead. And Doninique Visse):


And finally, Munich: please book me down for all your Strauss. *sigh*


Schweigsame Frau



78 thoughts on “Vienna 17/18 (and some Munich)”

      1. yeah, if the gayest thing on the Monnaie program is Beethoven’s “Leonore” with Robin Johannsen making eyes for an act and a half at Marlis Peterson’s Fidelio… *sigh* I’m surious about that one musically, it’s Jacobs. Concert version, thugh, but the last Jacobs concert version I saw was plenty staged.


      2. No, Silla is all mezzo – Saturova (!) and Bonitatibus in the castrato parts, Silla is a tenor role.
        Plus there’s Ruiten, and it’s staged by Kratzer. I vote for a liveblog!!

        Liked by 2 people

    1. The Tancredi with both finali on two nights, now that is fan service. Plus Staskiewicz and Gagliardo in addition to Lemieux – worth a weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. onto Amsterdam. I’m gonna vomit at the rate of CT i see… compared to mezzos such as C.Rice, Connolly, JDD, etc. &^%$&*@ . think i’m getting more and more angry the last few years… in any case, C.Rice is singing Giulietta in some random thing.. Hoffmann.. also Curenztis and his Tito, with the TBA Sesto, i guess he’s picky with casting? like having a certain someone checking our her lower range maybe? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amsterdam:
      a Loy-staged “Forza” with Westbroek is something I would watch. The Jolly Eliogabalo, we have on Culturebox from Paris – two CT, both fabulous, but of course that’s no help if you are looking for mezzos.
      The “Gurrelieder” with Naglestad! though in an Audi prod… well, she did keep me awake through his Valkyrie, so…
      And the Tito – judgemnt reserved until mezzo announcement. 😉


          1. jeah, we should celebrate that, in the future they’ll even get 2 CT’s to cover that range, have to find jobs for them all… grrrr (i’m getting beyond angry… but i’ll breath.. and now really go zz 🙂 )

            but really, why is it that we don’t see her often but all these CTs everywhere *(&(*&#@)&%@#@ .

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    1. YES! But clearly I shouldn’t ahve stopped reading at DiDonato but advanced to MNL and Crébassa! (sounds like a lighter take throughout? Intriguing!)


    2. SPYRES!!!
      (I have been thinking Enée since I first heard him…!! I am unduly excited about a tenor performance, someone please shoot me)


        1. well, I really do like Spyres, and I think he’ll be pretty much perfect for the part. I just wish there’d be a few more Mezzo or GSS to be excited about for the upcoming season as well.


    1. aaah, wonderful. But Zurich is sort of inaffordable and they don’t screen, so it’s probably out for me.


    2. and HELLO, Gürbaca (!) stages Finta Giardiniera with the Opera Studio. Why don’t I go look for a Zurich conference…


    3. okay, but Naglestad in the Kosky taging of “Fanciulla del West”. Now we only need to cast a butch contralto Dick Johnson and I’ll call it a Happy New Year.


        1. She also sings Salome in Zurich, I think? Anything else? haven’t finished the booklet yet.

          You know what’s WILD? carmen_tancredi not just as Vienna Carmen, but as Werther Charlotte in Zurich?!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. yep , i saw both.. interesting..
            good *night*. i made several attempt but someone is clearly missing in many programs.. but you know what, not just her, JDD , ACA, Mingardo, Genaux, etc. are all missing in all these programs.. perhaps they’re all taken to do only concerts after being outcasted….
            (breath breath breaaaaathhhh… )


            1. I don’t like throwing around the word “B Cast”. but could this ever be more painfully obvious:

              (too bad it’s exam season over here, I’d travel for some Mozart, and it’s at least Holten)


            2. I think JDD is more stateside next season? Mingardo is more on the Early Music concert opera circuit anyway. Not sure about Genaux.


    1. also happening in Beaune:

      (is it good or bad that I am on vacation on that weekend? because if that wasn’t booked already, I might elope from the office. Iervolino with Dantone!!)

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  2. Haha, you’re repeating my personal Munich (pre-)plans here! Esp. Edita Borgia (let’s catch Iervolino before she becomes a superstar). And the Gerhaher Figaro…, just too bad it’s not with Tara Erraught’s Susanna this time.
    And I might even be able to join you in the standing room queue for Lulu due to conveniently-timed work travel!

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  3. Good luck with your further MP chase, hope you’re lucky. But a number of good houses don’t have their programs out yet, including Frankfurt and Hamburg (and Elbphilharmonie?)


    1. Teatro Real, TADW, Geneva… (I don’t think she’d be on the radar in either Frankfurt or Hamburg)

      Papatanasiu simply got an exceptional amount of exposure last year, with two big telecasts and headlining the Vienna revival under Minkowski and the release of the Currentzis DonG. I wish it would have given her more traction on the circuit, but perhaps that takes a season or two to kick in. Liceu might be a last-minute cover (she didn’t have it announced, at least)? If so, a good sign. I don’t know if she has has sung there before.


      1. Maybe not, Frankfurt and Hamburg are both more ensemble-focused (but with very good ensembles).
        But maybe some singers we currently miss on the schedules want to take it easy next season for personal reasons, like children? I’m not sure if it is always the houses not hiring people or the other way around?
        …and there’s still not much SP as well, sniff.

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        1. Let’s see what the Early Music festival circuit says there!
          Of course some people may want to take time off or stay closer to home or do more individual concert programs or have recording gigs… But of course we keep looking out.


      1. cast A:
        Tito: Ramón Vargas (A), Spyres (B)
        Vitellia: Amanda Majeski (A), A.Kurzak (B)
        Servilla: Valentina Nafornita (A), Christina Gansch (B)
        Sesto: S. d’Oustrac (A), Crebassa (B)
        Annio: A.Dennefeld (A), A.Brower (B)
        Alessandro Di Stefano (chorus master), Dan Ettinger (conductor), Willly Decker (stage)

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  4. …and back to Vienna, for the White Shirts!
    Composer Olga Neuwirth got awarded the Deutscher Musikautorenpreis this week and in one of the write-ups, it said “Neuwirth is currently working on a commission for the Wiener Staatsoper to be premiered in 2019, on “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf.”
    (Orlando better be a mezzo)

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