White Shirt Monday: Black Delt



[Does anyone of you remember the ludicrous old German TV ad for “Drei Wetter Taft” hairspray? Featuring a business woman traveling three different climates in a day, with the tagline of ‘every hair in place’?
Syracuse shore, 7:45 p.m.: Sea mist on the rowboat. Every hair in place. #BelcantoHair.
Mt. Etna Foothills, 9:30 p.m.: Throwing an unjustified tantrum in dry mountain air. Every hair in place. #BelcantoHair.
Ferrara Ending, 10 p.m.: Dying (but in great company). Still major hairgame.
Patrizia Ciofi (Amenaide) and Marianna Pizzolato (Tancredi) in Rossini’s Tancredi”, Pesaro 2004. – Here’s the clip that came up with this ingenious cover shot, with thanks to jovi1715]

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