Ariodante Remix: JDD => Coote

So it seems our White Shirt “Ariodante” cheering line for May needs some adjustments, since DiDonato just announced that she will not be doing the European part of the upcoming “Ariodante” tour (but the North-American part: yes).

Our stops in London, Vienna, Hamburg and Paris will, however, get the chance to hear Alice Coote instead, which can in no way be called bad news. So while I am sad I will not get to hear DiDonato with this, I am thrilled I will finally get to hear Coote’s live take, on the heels of her CAC run in the same role this past winter.

(Of course, DiDonato being a class act and overall extraordinary human being, she does announce this in person, and personal, and with apologies, and completely casually mentions on the side that she withdraws for health reasons (it’s explained in the video; since she seems to wish to draw no additional attention to it, I won’t reiterate it here) – and passing on a part with “My Prince Charming gets to take over” (with video snippet) is, of course, pretty much taking the cake of cancelation announcements.

Good news meanwhile is that the upcoming “Troyens” in Strasbourg are recorded (for commercial release or radio?), so there is more JDD this spring also Europe-side, even if not as much live as we may have hoped.

(I am SO glad I went to catch “In War & Peace” when I could, though)


Concerts and RECORDING! Bring it on.

52 thoughts on “Ariodante Remix: JDD => Coote”

  1. Sigh, maybe it was too good to be true. Yet, while I am disappointed of course, I’m really looking forward to hear Coote as well. And the way JDD takes care to explain to her fans in person here is so great, really admirable, and health comes first of course.
    (Already thinking whether there might be a chance to hear War & Peace after all…)

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    1. …and thanking the band for understanding, and Coote for stepping in. Class act. Of course health first, and here’s an artist who is giving so much to her fans – it just doesn’t make the disappointment of missing an appearance by her any smaller.


        1. CT replacement?! What a shocking thought! Btw. Elbphilharmonie actually offered to take back tickets, it was very much advertised around JDD there, as if the further magnificent cast would not matter.

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          1. yeah same here – season ticket holders got an apologizing emaily by customer management, which at least called Prina and Coote stellar, too (not to forget Karg!), but JDD was pretty much used as a sales frontliner.


          2. TADW also offered to take back tickets but that would be silly. Weidly I located no email from the Barbican. The whole cast is worth it, replacement included. I would’ve liked to see JDD in a male role for once but it’s not the end of the world by any means. As long as all is ok with her.

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            1. Absolutely agree with you, the whole cast is fabulous. And as for JDD, at least with her, there will likely be more chances to hear her in male roles, too – and didn’t she say she’d sing Joe Biden if someone composed the role for her?


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            2. *snort*
              I thought about an unsupported wanna-be dramatic tenor with a really bland vocal color. While Obama gets the Keenleyside kind of baritone.

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            3. ah, the desperately shouty Verdi tenor. I like. He needs a permanent chorus in tow who chants “just do it!” and “I’m lking it” and other choice American cliches at opportune moments.

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            4. A permanent chorus of sobbing verismo tenors proclaiming “so sad!” And as Mrs. 45, an aging soubretta who has lost their voice.

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            5. when her augmentations/obliterations were being paid for, to the paying party perhaps a pair of vocal chords also seemed like a thing to be done away with?


            6. Yes, in a male role and in a Händel role and in a mezzo role (only heard her live in Semiramide so far), sigh. Still, I listened more to Coote’s recent Händel interpretations and they are fabulous, so, no, by no means the end of the world. And most importantly, it seemed from the video she will be fine health-wise.


            7. In my opinion she’s best in belcanto, ladies roles. But that doesn’t mean she can’t rock a Baroque nervy male role.

              Coote is very intense and that is very good for Ariodante, who can get a bit mopey.

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            8. no, mopey is definitely not the word that comes to mind when speaking of Coote. Not even her first scene in Cendrillon as Prince Charming.


      1. that’s the one. The uneven haircut works very well for her. Also being the only woman in a “party crew”. Gennaro and friends are doing the medieval version of bar hopping 😀


            1. Oooooh!

              In my personal experience, nothing beats the Southeastern Europeans in the homebrew % department.


            1. …yes, Gruberova in Devereux, I was in the choir once for one of her concert performances, like 15 years ago or so (the one that also included my awkward “conversation” with S. Ganassi), and she she seemed to be a very unpretentious, down-to-earth person, not really what you would expect from her diva stage personalities. I heard she is now thinking of retiring aged 70, what a career.

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            2. no, it doesn’t get old, not with the amount of white shirts and skinny ties on the female chorus. i was mesmerized when in Munich and saw this live.. and was given a Gruberova button..

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    1. oh, right, he would not speak – just wail “so sad!” or “it’s true” a few times, and the rest will be tweets chanted by the Chorus of Spineless Cronies and the Desperate Ignorant.

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