Well, Elīna Garanča (has Ken Howard always been a Garanča fangirl?) having taken over the MET Instagram account in lieu of celebrating her farewell to trouser repertory (in the recent ROH Carsen “Rosenkavalier”, now imported stateside) is at least vastly entertaining.

(and, on the more theoretic side, an interesting (backstage) 101 on upstaging one’s own masculinity, and the wider hegemonic positionings of such an alignment.)

19 thoughts on “Guns’n’Roses”

  1. I’m seeing a live broadcast of this DR in a local theatre next month, and I’m so excited! Somewhat bittersweet with Garanča leaving trouser roles behind, but I’m so happy to have the chance to see her “live” before that happens.

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    1. If someone wrote a smart more spinto-style trouser role of a 40+ man… well. Some singers might reject that, some not. But meanwhile, the HD should be worth it! 🙂

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          1. what? WHAT??!!! THEY’RE RECORDING [even bigger caps] WHILE WE’RE THERE???!!!!

            Do we have white shirt catcall, so you know it’s me? Or just the loud thunk when I hit the floor?

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            1. I hope we will all still be skipping with our walking aids 30-40 years down the road, is what I’m saying. Carry on!

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  2. I feel I should issue an apology to the handful of people who stumbled upon this post by googling “Guns’n’Roses” because I am guessing Garanča in drag is not what they were looking for (and between EG and A. Rose, EG wears the hair color better…)

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      1. I guess EG in that repertory makes some happy, others not so much.

        what gave that away?! ehehe… You were very diplomatic but there’s no accounting for any odd people reading your blog 😉

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  3. Actually her “revive” album is sooooo good you can forgive her for dropping the “men” because nothing is more exciting than seeing a great singer matter another new role.


    1. She should sing whatever she and her voice are comfortable with, obviously, if that aligns with the bookings (which if often does not).

      With “Revive”, it seemed to be a program she genuinely wanted to do, which is always a plus (though I will confess that not everything on that one worked for me equally – curiously enough, I was more intrigued by the ‘too far out there an only in excerpts’ choices).


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