White Skirt Wednesday: Give That Woman A Cigar

[Strasbourg is indeed looking very lovely this time of year. – Raffaela Milanesi (Giunone) and Vivica Genaux (Diana) in Cavalli’s “La Calisto”, Strasbourg 2017.]

I will confess I have last-minute googled flights and TGV tickets to Strasbourg and I am Calisto-levels desolated that I cannot make it to this show, especially since I don’t foresee any of our video outlets (ARTE, OperaPlatform, Culturebox) covering this Mariame Clément production (Les Talens Lyrique under Rousset are playing). It looks like a Xena episode directed by Todd Haynes, and I really, really wish I would have a chance to catch it. And it has Vivica Genaux, too!

I already see myself ending up writing more Big Dipper fanfic in compensation. So far, there is a brief interview trailer with Clément, who uses the H word (homosexualité), so we can safely assume that nobody is pretending that this piece isn’t wildly queer or wouldn’t be concerning, as Clément puts it, a broader affective scope regarding love: from satyr kink and violence over platonic romance (Endimione/Diana) to sexualized desire (Giove) and specific queer female desire (Calisto).

The production opens tonight in Strasbourg, running there through May 4th, to then move for two nights to Mulhouse (May 12th & 14th)

 – Update: wait, it seems there will be a telecast on France.

 – French White Shirts: how accessible is Fracne 3, does it livestream, has it geoblocking? Because I foresee thadieu and myself firing up all possible capturing machines. (I couldn’t find a date yet, anyone luckier?)

#CalistoLiveblogInTheWorks. Hopefully!

43 thoughts on “White Skirt Wednesday: Give That Woman A Cigar”

      1. interesting, I tried to call it up yesterday afternoon (when Kommissar Rex was one, which… dear God) and it told me “blocked for geographical reasons”, btu perhaps Germany is different from Austria there?


        1. Maybe a divine intervention just did not want to let you watch Kommissar Rex. But I’ll try tonight again, maybe it’s only blocked at prime-time?


  1. i’ll keep my eyes open on V.Genaux’s fansite on fb as well, where she’s also replying.. and posting updates of broadcasts . We could also ask her there if she knows any broadcast? 🙂


  2. write-up by Culturebox yesterday/today:

    — but no mention of an upcoming broadcast, so I guess I won’t be on Culturebox? I just asked them on Twitter, so let’s hope my broken French is still enough to be understood.

    France3 en direct is geoblocked; so if it’s on there, we’d have to rely on our French forces.

    The photo I included in the post of this site (http://www.francetvpro.fr/index.php/france-3/communiques-de-presse/france-3-reflet-de-la-culture-en-regions-1532903) mentions capturing and airing opera streams on France3 from (smaller) French venues, with a list of 6 productions for the timeframe from March to July, and the “Calisto” is on the list. The other five haven’t appeared on Culturebox, either, so I am guessing there is no overlap (bugger!). would be interesting, though, if any of the other 5 have already been aired, and how/when.


            1. as is the Carsen Don Carlo from Strasbourg, and that somewhat lackluster Arsilda – Culturebox is indeed amazingly generous.


            2. Haven’t watched it yet, either, but that first slow curtain rise and the monks are sleek. Very atmospheric.


          1. If blocked, then – since it’ll be on demand for a year (! <3) – we'll organize a copy and DB it for liveblog at a later point.
            We will not be deterred after our hounds have made it this far already. 🙂

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    1. We just love our Cavalli, and this one in particular. 😉 And thank God for Genaux’s site responding to fan queries.

      So…. see you on Tuesday, perhaps?


        1. only that instead of dudebro duetting, we will get “A baciarsi andiam, sì, sì”

          (my favorite Calisto remains the production where Jove didn’t sing his Diana disguise, but there was a third singer hired specifically to sing “Giove in Diana”.


      1. Alas, I’ll be at work until it’s very late indeed in Europe. (Ironically, I’ll be managing a live-streaming for an event in my College.)

        But it sounds like there will be opportunities for me to catch it later with an appropriate VPN point. That, I can handle. 🙂


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