White Shirt Monday: Hair To The Scottish Throne


[HairGame Endgame: Sonia Prina (Polinesso) and Joyce DiDonato (Ariodante) in Handel’s “Ariodante”, New York/Carnegie Hall 2017]


Clearly, the biggest Drag King Show of the weekend went down at Carnegie Hall last night: Light or dark? Charm or chains? Swagger or sweetheart? Either way, every hair was on point.

01-05-2017 00-04-33.jpg

Curtain Call Vibe: Belcanto Bromance.

But back to the show: What is your choice?

30-04-2017 20-17-38.jpg

Swooning, as Dalinda (Mary Bevan), at the steep hands-on approach over rock-solid lower range, “black wishes it could wear *me*”…

30-04-2017 20-23-03.jpg

…with the resident Bad Boy who has enough ego to have it power a trip to his evil lair (located on the moon. Of course.)?

30-04-2017 21-04-16.jpg

Or should it be the Disney kind of romance, with a Prince(ss) Charming vocal-sweeping you off your glass-slipper feet…

30-04-2017 20-43-41.jpg

…and whose credits encompass endearing smiles, portamento piano magic, and ‘I once made a countess swoon’?

30-04-2017 22-23-24.jpg

Feeling hard-pressed to choose, kind of overwhelmed, but not really like complaining, just as Christiane Karg’s classy Ginevra?

30-04-2017 21-50-37.jpg

Bangs down…

30-04-2017 22-01-24.jpg

…or bangs up?


30-04-2017 20-49-42.jpg

Tango Interlude…

30-04-2017 20-33-16.jpg

…or first waltz at Prom?

30-04-2017 23-18-44.jpg

Blacker-than-black ristretto doppio…

30-04-2017 21-48-38.jpg

…or perfectly silky café au lait?

30-04-2017 21-29-49.jpg

(Of course.)

30-04-2017 21-03-36.jpg

(Tyson Miller (Odoardo), Matthew Brook (King), Sonia Prina (Polinesso), Mary Bevan (Dalinda), Christiane Karg (Ginera), Harry Bicket (conducting The English Concert), Joyce DiDonato (Ariodante), David Portillo (Lurcanio))

Additional impressions from the Great Baroque Song Quest Drag King Duel aka “Ariodante”:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

39 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Hair To The Scottish Throne”

    1. true, I am not happy with the captions, cut off/truncated on tablet and phone view.
      Too many caps, too little time to do a proper layout. I’ll probably return to single row for scrolling next time.


    1. Oooh, good one.

      If JDD is the son-in-law one and Prina the one out on probation, I’d add Iervolino or Haller as powerhouse, Renard as the sly jester guy (she already gets hair points, so it’s a done deal), and then we’d probably need someone either in the slot of token exotic or major emo, which, if we go for pining… Can I name a soprano? (If not, perhaps Lindsey (softcore glower emo?) or, in the same slot, Erraught: spunky emo?) Of course, if we set-up the boy band for the post-teens, which would be much more of a more grown-up masculinity band, it would be JDD, Prina, Connolly, Coote & Kasarova. The End. (Okay, Barcellona when the first one sdrops out due to drugs or a solo career)

      Oh, and the all-star team of times passed: Fassbaender (emo), Troyanos (bad boy), von Otter (son-in-law who would get the car keys), von Stade (the unthreateningly cute one) and Horne (powerhouse spunk).

      (Dear God, don’t quote me on any of this.)


      Liked by 2 people

        1. I knew you were going to say it, and yes, fair point – I also kept thinking that Genaux should be in there somehow. With a cigar! (although I would put Barcellona with the grown-ups, not with the boys)


      1. Haha! Yes! All the scenarios! I mean, boy bands range in type from Backstreet Boys to Boyz II Men, so you have to cover all the bases.

        And, absolutely name a soprano…GS is certainly one of my Belcanto Boys.


        1. to no one’s surprise, I would name MP for the pining slot, which is something I have already called in the Giacomo Arbate series last year over the Brussels Mitridate get-up.

          Liked by 3 people

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