Personal reaction shot faced with ROH casting choices for their “Mitridate” in replacing the Sifare of Anett Fritsch not with The Obvious Choice: #YouHadOneJobROH

[On a completely unrelated note (sarcasm? Moi?), have a nostalgic flashback screenshot of Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare) and Lenneke Ruiten (Aspasia) in Mozart’s “Mitridate”, Brussels 2016.]

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    1. Don’t I wish!
      (the day I figure out whom I have to bribe with what cake/liquor/other goods at TADW to get a haus copy of that 2009 Carsen, you will be the first to know)

      Yes, good news on the Paris Mitridate, though am less enthusiastic of the version that likely made it (unless they edited AGAIN, in which case I will have to add it to the collection, for comparison purposes)

      They may have asked her and she may have declined, but really, if you go for that type? (not sure how Jicia is vocally, haven’t heard her) There is someone who has done three independent productions of that, two of them in the last year, who fits the bill perfectly. (Is this an age thing, or a turf thing? Because I don’t get it)


      1. perhaps it’s a connection thing? where your agents are vs which haus they have inside foot ? i always thought so and how she needs to switch agency 🙂


        1. Probably, same thing everywhere.. Look where you can get even as a mediocre accessory designer.
          Kind of drives home again the point of self-presentation expected by an unmerciful business vs. your best qualities.


            1. It was somewhat beyond polite disbelief. But she since seems to have taken the Macchiavellian tour to include her in things to maneuver her and her clan somewhat in directions where the adults with brains at the table need them to move.


    1. not that remote, since this is a current profile shot of Jicia:

      And I know I posted this elsewhere today already, but, excuse me:

      (also, it’s one year since the Brussels production. I get to reminiscence.)

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        1. I don’t know, haven’t heard anything of hers yet. (I know I should check her out now, but I am kind of partial to *certain others*)

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  1. i just realized, this thing is happening this month, and C.Rousset is conducting. I would think C.Rousset would contact MP for sure for Sifare (i hope!) but since she’s in Barcelona now… too bad, if 1 month later we might be contemplating visiting London!


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