White Shirt Monday: Corps des études


[Always accessorize your title with pinstripes and some steep eyebrow game: Katarzyna Kozielska (Schoolmaster) in Christian Spuck’s choreography of Büchner’s “Leonce and Lena”, Stuttgart c. 2010]

No singing today, but some white shirt ballet vibes that I picked up on my recent trip to Stuttgart: this is the college-crowd advertisement postcard of the Stuttgart Staats Theatres, and I feel so called out.

34 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Corps des études”

      1. After her Ginevra, I have complete faith that she would be a Mélisande with agency (and hair). I see this and I see the wig department on overtime for three months, cursing and cursing and cursing the concept…


          1. what IS this?
            (they should have kissed at the end, or Rapunzel-Mélisande should have emptied a bucket of water over their heads. Or both.)


            1. Try to replace those two with Prina and JDD as Polinesso and Ariodante lamenting over Ginevra.


            2. Anik if it helps you feel any better for having inflicted this on you, I haven’t been able to get the Damn tune out of my head since I posted it. 😜


            1. “High in her tower she sits by the hour
              Maintaining her hair
              Blithe and becoming and frequently humming
              A light-hearted air
              Agony, far more painful than yours
              When you know she would go with you
              If there only were doors…”

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  1. also, on a scale from o to Giulio Cesare, how much of a delight is Sarah Connolly’s twitter feed?

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