White Skirt Wednesday: 5 Lunches with Petibon


This week in “Les grands entretiens” (a France Musique feature I discovered through their five-part feature on Claire Gibault earlier this season): Patricia Petibon.

That means 5 (Mon through Fri) 27-minute featurettes on Petibon’s career, with lots and lots and lots of interview bits amd music samples. All broadcasts are available as podcasts, too.

I am busy saving away (installments 1-3 are already on replay, with 4 and 5 coming up in the next two days) and am mentally preparing to be charmed, and also a lot more educated afterwards.

If you do at all speak French: do not miss! Petibon is among the smartest and most articulate stage artists of today, plus she is easily one of the best actresses, too. Plus, she’s Petibon, which should be a category on its own.

20 thoughts on “White Skirt Wednesday: 5 Lunches with Petibon”

  1. for those of us with no French, will you share what you learn?

    also didn’t we talk about having a beer with her at some point? does this count towards that?


    1. We’d still have to buy a beer for her, I guess?
      I don’t have the time resources (and neither the French) to translate exhaustively, but of course we’ll share pertinent bits 🙂


    2. i was thinking: even if you don’t understand French, listening to PP speaking is soothing therapy in itself. And i love listening to melodies in different languages. Often i just sit in the office with the radio running during intermission with interviews of singers/conductors i admire, and it becomes part of the music :-).

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  2. Oh thả diều! I do that too! A lot. French, Spanish, and Portuguese are my top 3. You know in some languages women and men “sound” differently. How should I put this? To me, in Spanish and Italian women’s articulation sound coarser than men and I usually find myself bewildered to find out that I can not stand to listed to what otherwise appears to be a fine lady.


  3. And a quick note for translating. There are online speech recognition applications with which you can get the transcription of whatever the speaker is saying. Just wanted to remind you that.

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        1. …I probably still write it longhand and then send it over with a carriage,
          You tech wizards are something else.


  4. I was using the App to dictate my post-op reports back then. We have a stand alone software for that now. But it’s a multi language app, so it saves considerable time.

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    1. finally i understand this “siri” thing on my phone that i’ve been desperately trying to uninstall 😀 . it doesn’t occur to me to use it on foreign speech to get the transcript. now, let me go hack the stack of VK’s interviews i’ve been holding. it used to be that i had to find a friend who listens again and again and transcribe onto paper, then translate! at least that’s how i manage to understand VK’s “portrait” way back in 2009.

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