Ariodante 1

Agathe, you would already be dead 🙂 

Dehggi and I are between 3-7metres of the protagonists.

Prina in off-shoulder with her boy brief lace pants and tats rocking the stage like Baroque Joan Jett, and Coote a Mahler ray of Bronze Sunshine. Swoon!

Now Act 2

PS. Dehggi and I both covet Portillo’s shoes.

13 thoughts on “Ariodante 1”

    1. …not as happy as during Alcina, but the again, there is just one featherweight javelin with insane shirt wearing skills out there.

      But yes, very, very happy.

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    1. Will email you from home in a bit, dear God do I ever have pictures. Might be shaky, though.
      Everyone in splendid health. Just Dehggi and I a little weak in the knees.

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