Ariodante 2

Dehggi has the goofiest grin on her face and no snark whatsoever to offer.

Me neither.

Applause and cheers wouldn’t die down after Scherza infida. Just wow. Swooning away!

Would have stared for ten more minutes at Karg in the red dress (a vision of a red dress, seriously. Also, delts) processing over more ballet music. 

Not really the delt show, overall, but a trapezius show. 

I’m hanging in my seat like a wet towel steamed over. What a fantastic evening.

20 thoughts on “Ariodante 2”

    1. Spiky killer heels, brand “I skinned the Queen of the Night for these”. Tube tub with half-free shoulder and free trapezius (so: yes on the tats), big earrings and hand bling like Jack Sparrow, plus the Carnegie pants.
      In short, you would have been breathing into a paper bag from minute one onwards.

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        1. yes, it seems she can rock pretty much anything in the department. She really could put the Glam Drag Kings out of business there.

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        1. Straight (or not) Carol Aird, I SWEAR. Red 50’s, swooping and gathered and oh my. Straight (or not) up your alley!


      1. Let’s see if they stay with these outfits for the rest of the Europe tour. (Portillo’s shoes are good, I agree). I did like Bevan’s dress at Carnegy hall, seems she changed it as well?


        1. I think Karg called dibs on the red this time? And Bevan was more sparkly spunky hippie which went very well with Prina’s pants.
          YES Portillo’s shoes. (god, the poor man. He sang perfectly beautiful, he was handsome, and all the lesbians were interested in were his shoes)

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          1. Oh, don’t worry about poor Portillo, I hope I can balance out some of the neglect (obviously this only concerns scenes where SP sits quietly on her chair and doesn’t move).

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