Ariodante 4

Prina just came back.

So… Dehggi chatted her up and we got a fangirling picture.

Didn’t help with the weak knees, honestly.

…and now Karg just walked past in trainers munching carrots. Also a good look on her.

We are debating to remain here until Coote walks past and we can pass out at her feet.

12 thoughts on “Ariodante 4”

    1. my brain wasn’t eactly firing on all cylinders…

      You know me – I stand to the side awkwardly, mumble “thank you” and try not to fall over my own feet.

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    1. God, yes. No pushy signature hunters, no one forcing a tired singer into photo ops (we wouldn’t have said more than a quick thanks had she been reluctant), no gaggle of people who want to take something instead of giving thanks… It was by chance, too, we were standing in front of the theatre, rehashing favorite moments – not lining up at the stage door in any way. Very different in mood. We should just hang out in front of the portal come Feb. 😉


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