Sound and Clouds and Thunder (25)

[Women leaders who get their wings cut by less qualified people of privilege, while fighting against patriarchal structures and power abuse: welcome to orienzalized Old Egypt, welcome to today.
Fiorenza Cossotto (Amneris) in the Judgment scene from Verdi’s “Aida”, NewYork/MET 1980s. – Clip with thanks to crewmantle.
PS. Those with cut wings? They will grow claws, and dig deeper.]

It may be about time someone staged Amneris in a pantsuit, and with blonde highlights. Clearly, there would be enough patriarchy and privilege left to rail against in such a setting.

It may also be time someone get impeached, and brought to justive by an independent prosecutor who cannot be fired by the defendant (and, yes, I will work this into an “Aida” staging if you challenge me to it).

Meanwhile, have some fierce (and exerienced) mezzo power calling it like it is at the top of her lungs to get you through another week of getting up with the term, “Damage Report – what did he do now?”

5 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (25)”

    1. True, the issue is the entire gaggle of well-off of entitlement (saw Cruz vs Yates in excerpts the other day and maxed out the blood pressure readings)

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