Upcoming Liveblog: “Ariodante” again tonight!


[Bring on a date: flowers, sword, epaulets. Seems to work like a charm. – Marta Vandoni Iorio (Dalinda) and Mary-Ellen Nesi (Polinesso) in Handel’s “Ariodante”, Spoleto 2007. – Photo Credit:  Francis Menotti Archive/Giulio Marocchi]

No, it’s still not enough “Ariodante”. Short-notice (though we’ve had this one on the list for a whilte) meet-up for a liveblog of the 2007 Spoleto production with Hallenberg and Nesi tonight, May 18th, at 9 p.m. (UTC+2).

The production is not on YT, I think, though there is a DVD.

Should anyone wishing to blog along be in need of a small-size digital copy for the event, let us know (preferably with a few hours still to go).

11 thoughts on “Upcoming Liveblog: “Ariodante” again tonight!”

    1. What are the odds, with that one? We’ve got a discussion list ongoing, and usually put up an alert a few days prior. Next week, MET Rosenkavalier, btw. (side note: thanks for the RT)



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