Sound and Clouds and Thunder (26)

[“Dell’antro magico”: as a general rule, the mezzo’s stick will always be bigger than yours. (also, she will get the duet with your girlfriend in the end, while you’re fleecing something in a job you’re not cut out for) End of story. – Kristina Hammarström (Medea) in Cavalli’s “Giasone”, Geneva 2017. – Clip with thanks to the Cappella Mediterranea]

Good grief, in time for the 6-month anniversary of this column, it sure has been a week.

Weekly reminder: None of this is normal.

And that it keeps happening – e.g. certain people not speaking up and enabling further abuse for their own gain – does not make it normal or acceptable.

And also: You. Don’t. Mess. With. Witches.


5 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (26)”

    1. 6 down, 42 to go… It’s like the Ring in one piece, but we get to be Erda and the Valkyries and the Norns.


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