Upcoming Liveblog: the Met “Rosenkavalier” (2017) on Saturday


[Fancy a cup of chocolate on Saturday night? – Elina Garanča (Octavian) and Renée Fleming (Marschallin) in Strauss’ “Rosenkavalier”, New York/MET 2017. – Photo Credit: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times]

It’s time to get down to Vienna and boudoir it in style: “Rosenkavalier” liveblog this upcoming Saturday, June 3nd, at 9 p.m. (UTC+2).

Unfortunately, the production isn’t available via Met On Demand yet. And while I suspect that a DVD is in the works, it will be a while until that gets out.

There is an online safety copy, though (thanks again, Annio!) – contact us if you need a link.
(It we want to give back to the artistic community in exchange for the show – now that the Met won’t collect our SOD or DVD dollars (yet), there are enough programs for young singers, queer opera or Baroque bands/festivals out there that would probably be very grateful about a donation)

28 thoughts on “Upcoming Liveblog: the Met “Rosenkavalier” (2017) on Saturday”

    1. Hi Barbara, welcome to the White Shirts! We’d be happy to have you join us on Saturday.

      (PM to the email address given with your comment has just been sent)


          1. Yep that’s pretty accurate. 😊

            Tho I hasten to add, part of my incoherence at this point is getting to watch this with all of you.❤


          2. oh, right – I forgot that one!

            and “more ice for towanda!” (and for all of us)

            We can always revive the ones passed out during the lengthy Ochs scenes!


          3. #PassTheSmellingSalts

            (honestly I find the production compelling enough to even pay attention to the Ochs scenes, which is saying something)


          4. That IS saying something. I am really looking forward to the staging, especially the bits you mentioned on staging masculinity (Ochs and the military, e.g.).

            Liked by 1 person

          5. …we’ll see whether I’ll be able to form a coherent sentence, I highly doubt it.


          6. hahaha! Maybe we need two liveblogs, one for overall fainting purposes, and a second for actual coherent thought purposes?

            oh and then a third to go back and check how our fainting and coherent thought moments coincide.

            (what the hell, we all know i’m just gonna watch this from now until forever so…)

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    1. …prepping Valkyrie dinner over here. Telling my wife, who just put on Act II, “we’ll be doing Rosenkavalier tonight, by the way, the new one from the Met.”
      Sr. Valkyrie (5) chimes in, “can I sing, too?” *puffs out chest* “the neeeew oneeee…from the Meeeeeet!”

      Liked by 2 people

  1. And it occurs to me I never asked for a direct message. If I have to follow along from memory, that’s okay, but if someone has a moment to throw me a link, it would be much appreciated. 😀


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