Sound and Clouds and Thunder (28)

[Any other idiots out there insisiting they’re cold even though the polar ice caps are melting?! – João Fernandes with the Frost Scene from Purcell’s “King Arthur”, Montpellier 2008. – Clip with thanks to Le Concert Spirituel]

It has been a week where my first impulse was to post a “curl up in a corner with a Bartoli clip for three minutes to restore a base level of faith in humanity” choice, but I am still saving that one up because I fear we will still need it at some point during the next 3 1/2 years.

This week has seen more horrific, senseless slaughter, of families and young children, in Baghdad and Kabul. Abusers of desperate migrants continue to kill so many by not caring. And now a certain unqualified narcissist bully tries to outdo that, too, in deciding to screw over the planet at large by disregarding climate change (never mind all the embezzlement and personal profiting from positions established by the people to serve the people also happening under his auspices).

This is your weekly operatic reminder that none of this is normal, nor should it ever be normalized (our favorite mezzos agree, just as any halfway decent human being). Keep on standing up!

7 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (28)”

  1. Sadly there are always those idiots wishing for global warming when the local weather happens colder than usual… like here in southern Finland, snowing in May, hailstorm and temperature under +10 C in June…

    (hoping to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate tonight 😉 )


    1. but more excursions of temperature anomalies can be a manifestation of statistical global warming and in particular faster warming in the high latitudes. I think it’s still an open science question that requires more research, but this article, for example, offers an example to connect the “colder than usual” and “more snow” in the latitude bands of high moisture in the atmosphere (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Siberia, S. Arctic,…). You could fastforward all the way to the “conclusion” just above “acknowledgement” for a summary. The earth is a rather complex system, and many people want to think of it as a simple “linear” predictable one, and thus every little “modification” to their simple theory is evidence to the contrary (e.g., if locally it’s colder than last year, then global warming must be just hot air..)


      1. what we’ve been talking about here in Denver/upper Colorado front range area, is that it’s not exactly temperature changes, but that the seasons seem to have shifted a month later. Weather we were getting in April we now get in May, for example.


        1. similar here, but forward shifting, and then sudden backlashed – but God forbid we speak of (far more complex, as Dr T recently pointed out) changes in climate.

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