White Shirt Monday: Spirit of the Fauxhawk


[Who says all the great Drag King Hair Action is only happening in “Ariodante” productions? Andrew Owens (Tito) and Gaia Petrone (Sesto) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, Vienna/TADW Kammeroper 2014. – Photo Credit: TADW Yearbook 2014, p. 111]

Also, a chance of delts and Cleopatra make-up, so the Drag Potential is more than ramped up here. Also, yes, that would be Gaia Petrone of last winter’s so very gay TADW “Juditha”, where she sang Abra (and was billed as a soprano?) and anyone without a libretto would immediately have taken her to be Juditha’s girlfriend (and even quite a few people with a libretto, including myself).

9 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Spirit of the Fauxhawk”

  1. on Drag issues: Jamie Barton, with flawless attitude for a fierce Pride month:

    (a Dönerteller is a very German fastfood thing of kebap sans bread, just more kebap. On a plate.)
    (also, do read the comments. And don’t drink anything near your keyboard meanwhile)

    Also in magnificent attitude today: Christine Goerke. Go, Turandot!

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    1. …which I probably first heard in the early 2000s someplace West Coast? But Austria tends to be a decade or two behind in everything.



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