This looks like a one-time narrative adaption with 21st century music (not sure how much Mozart there is still in there, and right now, the French are kind of messing with my French because I am not quite over the screenshot above), but it is queer Lady  Don Giovanni.

Help. (By which I mean, God yes please)

(Doesn’t Bartoli have dibs on that?)

(also, thadieu: are you thinking what I am thinking and trying not to point out here?)

On a completely unrelated note (or not), it is “Don Giovanni” week, with the London-premiered Holten production opening in Barcelona this week (or, depending on the cast, next week), so it seems to be as good a time as any to dig out our favorite modified versions of this opera again. Right after I stare for another minute at this Lyon photo (…must get back to type discussion… also, must get help). There is a video trailer, too (didn’t check it out yet. Alert to the community comes first).

…The Giovanni soprano here is Petra Magoni.

Mélange des genres sexuels mais aussi musicaux avec un mix d’opéra, rock, pop et rythmes latinos, dans un décor de cabaret jazzy des années 20 du type “Cotton Club”.

…am I hallucinating this?

Also, can Culturebox please broadcast this and not just tease us about it?

Because… reasons.


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    1. oh, thank you (also thank you to earworm), I didn’t know about that one! When was this?

      My earliest mark there was – though only in excerpts – a stage director’s conference in Frankfurt back in 1999/2000 (but Bartoli might have said it then already) with a mezzo Giovanni/a.


      1. I think this tape was 1987 in NYC, but I think the original production was a few years earlier in Mexico City? And is perhaps disqualified since the cast rotates roles across gender — but Astrid Hadad can sing anything she wants in my opera house any time 🙂


    1. finally got around to watching the trailer – the still above is better… The musical numbers are more convincing when it is not Mozart, and once you have gotten used to excellent Mozart singing, there is – at least for me – not really a way back. So… what are Bartoli’s next Salzburg plans?

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      1. thanks for the clip!

        It’s interesting – from a simple still, I’d expect to enjoy this, but I don’t connect with the singing, or with the acting portrayal, at all. It may be because I was raised into a different set of listening, but the performance is lost on me.

        The physicality here does not really challenge essentialised gender notions, the camera POV is very Male Gaze (as is the framing through the instrumentalist); I find the Zerlina more relatable here, especially in relation to notions of class and ethnicity challenging gender as a bourgeois intrument of maintaining power.

        (and from the point of listening I come from – which will be different for others, who are hopefully getting a lot out of this – I find mysef unable to deal well with the vocal approach)


  1. “Oh my gwd!” I thought at the first glance. But then at the second… the microphones gave it away. So no.
    Mozart is amazing as himself – we (read: I) don’t need pop-versions of his masterpieces. What a production it might have been as a REAL thing with Don(na) Giovanna and all. Even the idea makes me feel a bit dizzy…
    So: who’s going to volunteer – Bartoli? With that thought… *fainting*…

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    1. Yes, Bartoli has volunteered repeatedly. And: if she can program Wet Side Story for the Salzburg Whitsun, she can also program her own DonG.

      (I though this would be more Mozart, but as written above: it was the Mozart that transported the least for me. And a white shirt without the actual singing will only carry so far…)


  2. i’m not sure what you’re thinking… but i saw a nice blue suit.. and leading… (wasn’t sure if you’re reconnecting back to a certain soprano in blue.. with tie and white shirt.. 😉 )
    (ps- i just realized that new donG at Liceu, she’s singing with the DonG-with-the-mop we saw)


    1. I meant jawlines, but yes.

      The Vienna wig will not make an appearance, I hope, but channeling some ACA pirate Elvira spirit is always a welcome happenstance!


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