Upcoming Liveblog: “Ariodante” (Barcelona 2006) tomorrow


[No, we clearly still haven’t maxed out on possible “Ariodantes” this year. Also, no sign of tiring of Sara Mingardo. #ItalianContraltoSyndrome – Sara Mingardo (Polinesso) in Handel’s “Ariodante”, Barcelona 2006]

Yes, it’s the puppet version. Comment discourse on how Bretchian alienation from immediate emotional immersion can allow you to connect to a work on a different and possibly deeper level included. Liveblog of this “Ariodante” tomorrow, Saturday, June 17th, at 9 p.m. (GMT+2).

The production is available on YT in three parts (easily searchable, but let us know if there are any difficulites).



20 thoughts on “Upcoming Liveblog: “Ariodante” (Barcelona 2006) tomorrow”

  1. Sorry Ladies et al, won’t be there for Ariodante either (sob!), it’s Saturday Night Fever with JDD in Berlin… (even if it is just the stream..) Have a great time, all of you!


    1. Sounds like a great weekend plan – enjoy the JDD stream!
      Given our record, we’ll come up with a few more Ariodantes anyway. 😉


      1. I’m in Prague and I don’t remember any of you mentioning a dress code in Europe, so boo hoo, I can’t see Cenerentola at the Estates Theatre tonight because I don’t have a skirt or dress. Is this the same for all the other European opera houses???


        1. WHAT? No! Fine, you don’t get into Vienna standing room with a baseball top and shorts (but you do get in with bare shoulders and knees if it is a dress), but I have seen people in sweats in there.

          I’m 2 hours away – would bring white shirt and bowtie!



          1. I know – it’s so horrible. The concierge told me that they wouldn’t let me in if I wore pants but if I wanted to hear classical music I could “go to the symphony” where you don’t have to dress up. I thought about buying a dress then decided that I’ll probably never see an opera in Prague – I would look like a cross dresser in a dress.


          2. First of all, I am so, SO sorry this is happening to you.
            Second, I don’t even believe this is legal, if it is a public venue – Prague IS European Union, and there are at least strong guidelines regarding gender expression. Not much help when there is no law enforcement for that, I know.

            …are you coming through Vienna, too? There is free live opera screened to the Staatsoper piazza, almost daily, until the 30th. Also, tomorrow is Pride, which allows for nothing but boy briefs and body paint. Take that, Prague.

            (If you do travel through here, drop me a note – coffee’s on me.)

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          3. So

            After reading your emails and then googling like mad I have found that skirts/dresses are preferred in The Estates but no one is turned away. I’m so annoyed with myself for believing the concierge but she was so insistent about the dress rules that I overrode my usual skepticism and believed her. After all, why would I expect a concierge in a good hotel to be so stupid. You were right to be surprised and I should have contacted you earlier in the day. On the other hand, La Cenerentola in Czech might have permanently damaged my psyche.

            I’m hoping to return to Europe for a multiple opera visit, probably alone because most of my friends are not interested, so if you have any advice or ideas I would love to hear them. I won’t be traveling until October or after so there is no rush. I am 75 years old, not frail but also not into walking 5 miles at a time carrying a 50 pound pack – I travel with only carry on luggage. I stay in hotels, airbnb or senior hostels but speak only English which I know is a disgrace. This was my first trip to Europe and I was on a Danube river cruise which limited the time spent in the cities. We were at a concert in Vienna at Hofburg Castle which was so-so because the conductor drowned out the soprano and tenor and seemed to have created the concert to avoid offending tourists who don’t like classical music. My cousin has lived in Vienna for 15 years and I believe I will be able to use her apartment for 3 weeks in the winter when she takes her family to England and the States. I will try to work my visit around that time. Again, any thoughts will be greatly appreciated

            Thanks so very much for all your information



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          4. absolutely, we can take this to email and figure out few operatic winter moments in Europe to your liking, but there might also be others here who can weigh in and make recommendations – what are you looking for?


      1. the competition is on! not sure if this vilian is Agathe’s “type” ;-), but man… i would be with dreamy eyes admiring in secret while knowing i am too uncool to catch (her) his attention and smooth (persuasive) singing…


    1. As I wrote here before, I did not “have the nerv” to watch the whole performance, but at 2nd sight I am totally convinced of this “puppet show” and thanks again for convincing me with this liveblog. I am even so enthusiastic about it to try to find a better copy. I found a short cut of the finale of the 1st act on Vimeo – not sensational but much better than what we have. I contacted the uploader who seems to have been the video director for catalan tv. Lets see what happens, I shall keep you posted.

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      1. Actually, my version, though not as good quality as this one uploaded by Liceu, is better than the version i uploaded on tube. Tube did some “interpolation” and processing of my uploads and it ended up much worse…


  2. When I first see this performance among the search results in YT I thought “you got to be kidding me!”. I had had enough with ‘crazy” directors’ so called ‘contemporary’ interpretations.

    There was even a moment I felt like Kitty Potter in Robert Altman’s Pret a Porter (1994) (But of course, her assistant, Sophie has another narrative for the show – if you can bear 2 minutes ‘till the end you’ll see what I meant – WARNING: This clip is NSFW! REMOVE 0000 BEFORE WWW TO PROCEED.

    And then I started reading the comment section, and came across thadieu’s comment. I read it several times (and after reading her comments in Poppea Liveblog, I can now understand better why she saw the singers the way she did) and said “let’s give it a try”.

    Yes, Anik, the distancing effect actually made me observe the performance closer, but somehow – in a magical way – made me lost in it too. In short, it was a unique experience for me and I would watch it again just for the sake of hearing this amazing cast again.

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    1. now you made me wonder which comment i made at which Poppea Liveblog (there are so many 😉 ). But yes, the amazing cast, and amazing singing. I think the hurdle is to get started, and with an open mind, because once the singing starts, and with the subtle movements, you’re quickly (if not immediately) drawn in. Or at least i was, right from when Polinesso smiling and blowing the whistle :-).

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