Sound and Clouds and Thunder (30)

[Wasn’t this a week where birthday tributes were due? Look, I found a lovely serenade. It’s short, too: it does not excede 140 characters, eh, seconds. – Marijana Mijanovic singing “Empio, dirò, tu sei” from Handel’s “Giulio Cesare”. – Clip with thanks to lalagonegaga]

Corrupt people in indignated fury at being called out for their corruption?

Never gets old. Also never gets to be normal.

Keep up the pressure, and keep up those spirits!

If you would like an encore, there is always the even fiercer 2002 live take (clip with thanks to Gudrun74):

3 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (30)”

    1. it’s dire, and we’ve got the arias to rage. Alle the arias. Though I would be happy if we didn’t have to use them all.


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