Sunday Wishlist

Haller Venice.jpg

Yes, fine, it’s sold out anyway, but theoretically, one could still hijack a plane (or, more on par with Ms. Haller’s current conquests, borrow a bike) and find a a ticket holder to seduce to get into tonight’s Haller Song Recital in Stuttgart.

Yes, there is “La Barcheta” on the menu. – Why isn’t this radio broadcast? Clearly, there would be a fanbase both around Croatia and Swabia tuning in. The line-up also has a Wolf (#unfair!)  – though at least not one of the absolute killer ones – and Bianca e Falliero (#extraunfair!).

It may be time to coordinate a White Shirt Cenerentola meet-up in autumn – either Stuttgart or Munich. Or an Ariodante repeat this autumn, or a 2018 recital happening?



7 thoughts on “Sunday Wishlist”

  1. okay, so Haller posting dress rehearsal sample audio is helping, but also it’s not helping at all.

    (Agathe, I cannot wait for you to hear her live and pass out on the spot to then start lobbying for Rossini/Handel hero roles)

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    1. PURR! Yes, darling, of course we can play – I’d like that very much. But I’d also like to see you rather than just hear your voice, beautiful as it is, though…


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