White Shirt Monday: Rosenkavalier, summer edition

RK Koblenz.jpg[Hana Lee (Sophie) and Haruna Yamazaki (Octavian) in Strauss’ “Der Rosenkavalier” as staged by Markus Dietze, Theater Koblenz 2017. – Photo Credit: Matthias Baus/Theater Koblenz]

Wiht temperatures approaching 3o°C, opt for the short white sleeves (and braces), whether you prefer skirts or trousers (or both). – Though should we call this cool or hot?


10 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Rosenkavalier, summer edition”

    1. The house is on the smaller side, so there would at most be an in-house dress rehearsal cut – but who knows if someone from Koblenz out there can here us?



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