[My week in Brunhildas, pt. 3: Did anyone call for the postdoc to bring some productive ideas to this faculty meeting? – Riding into the Dpt. meeting like Rachael Tovey (Brünnhilde) in Wagner’s “Die Walküre”, confronting the sulking Associate prof (Antonio Yang as Wotan) and the “me, myself and I” speech of the Chair Committee Head (Roswhita Christina Müller as Fricka), Nuremberg 2014. – Photo Credit: Ludwig Olah]

The hobby-horse is such a blatant Stuttgart rip-off (Konwitschny’s fantastic Brünnhilde reading, with Luana de Vol, who also sings the final monologue with that hobby-horse in hand) that I don’t know whether to be impressed by the stance or enraged by the copying. But I still wish I had a hobby-horse handy right now, to galop out of this meeting.

(Also, Nuremberg: that Valkyrie cage thing? Totally Fura dels Baus in Valencia!)

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