[Made it to Friday! Mood: Valkyrie.
– Smash the patriarchy, and smash this early morning meeting with the faculty advisory board, where tenured people bitch about equipment and recognition, while the rest of us counts the months until our fixed-term contracts run out without chance of renewal because this very board decided that they do not want to encourage people to seek tenure. Burn ’em, and get new cheap PhD students instead, and then burn those, too! – Ride of the Valkyries, Wagner’s “Die Walküre”, Valencia Nuremberg 2014.]

Since I cannot tell which Valkyrie is which in the shot, here is the full female cast list for your information (and I am so borrowing the baseball bat and the schnapps and the leather pants to strut out of here tonight, heatwave be damned):

valkyries. cast.jpg

(actually, are Valkyries tenured? Or does Wotan simply toss them out after a few years and replaces them with new warrior daughters? And what happens with the older valkyries, then? #MoveToThemyscira)

10 thoughts on “”

  1. What? NO! Ugh, that is awful, I am so sorry! We will all ride in with bats (or swords, or whatever) if needed. ❤

    (unrelated but apropos, isn't Roswitha a Valkyrie name? It should be!)

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    1. I’d probably be Writebetta or Gradefasta…
      and the situation is the same as always, it’s just hitting home a bit more this week due to all the meetings.


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